The Admissions Examination:
An extra chance

The admissions examination is one of the pillars of the application process.  It focuses on cognitive skills that are essential for a student’s success at Leuphana College. The result of the admissions exam will be taken into account in the admissions decision. Applicants can earn a maximum of 15 additional points through the examination and can thereby improve their chances for admission.   

Foreign applicants from non-EU countries with a foreign university entrance certificate will be admitted under a "special quota". These students will be subject to separate admissions arrangements (for further information, please click on the "International Applicants" button in the menu.

The admissions examination allows the selection committee to consider the applicant’s ability to study effectively and, as a result, to get a more complete picture of the student’s skills and experience. You will also get an idea of the demands placed on students at Lüneburg. The orientation program will help you explore the campus and get your own impression of Leuphana University of Lüneburg.

Notification of the admissions decision will be sent to you only a few days after the examination.

Whether you will be invited to an admissions examination depends on the result of the first stage of the admissions process (grade point average and extra-curricular activities). Applicants assigned a very high point value in the first stage (the top 25 percent) will receive an admissions offer even without taking an admissions examination.

If you have not been invited to an interview, you will either receive a letter of acceptance because of your superior placement in the first admissions stage, or you will be placed on the waiting list and receive final notification in mid-September.

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