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Start-up Faces: The technology company adference

10/25/2016 Our University offers the opportunity to try out the entrepreneurship spirit up close. Therefore, many new ideas develop at our campus and are now bringing our unique Leuphana Spririt in the world. This week: Florian Nottorf, Christian Borck, Tobias Blask und Stefan Kleine Stegemann of adference.

Florian Nottorf, Christian Borck, Tobias Blask and Stefan Kleine Stegemann (from left to right) together with Prof. Dr. Burkhardt Funk form the founding team behind Adference. The research team worked together at Leuphana, developing a statistics online marketing models, before they founded the technology company in 2014. Adference studies advertising, cost and user data in order to measure the success rate of online advertisement and based on this information optimize the Google ads settings.

This is only one more example, next Tuesday we will continue to introduce more Start-Ups faces and if you want to be one of them, or you are interested in getting more information about the topic, the Entrepreneurship Hub is there for you. We offer different activities, from consulting to workshops and much more in between. You find us in building 7 on the 4th floor at the Leuphana main campus, we are looking forward to your visit!

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