Lectures Archive

Kalindi Vora – Surrogate Effects: The Politics of Labour, Reproduction, Protest and Difference in Social Technologie

Helen Hester – Technology Becomes Her: Changing Understandings of Women, Machines and Work in the Era of the Digital Assistant

Lara Houston – The politics and aesthetics of inventive infrastructures of repair

Thomas Haigh – Working on ENIAC: Design, Repair & Maintenance in the Early Digital

Steven Kurtz – Reparations

Laura Forlano – Repairing Futures: Anticipation, Participation and Speculation

Shannon Mattern – Epistemic Sync—Realigning the Library’s entangled Infrstructures

Mark Hansen – Digital Promiscuity and Database Culture

Jon McKenzie – Performance and Democratizing Digitality

Sebastian Gießmann – Fluctuating Networks, Un/stable Platforms, And the Internet of Things

Jochen Venus – The Media and/as Collective Intentionalities

Karin Harrasser – Obviously Obscure. Poetics of the Hyperfactual

Orit Halpern – Testbed Urbanism: The Zonal Logic of the Smart City

Imanuel Schipper – Walking the City & Performing the World Climate Conference

Baruch Gottlieb – Quanta of Sorge, Quanta of Discipline

Timon Beyes – What makes sense and what can be sensed. Reconsidering the question of organization.

Bernard Stiegler – About a Philosophy of the Automata and Automaticity

Andreas Bernard – Selbstdesign. Über das Menschenbild der Gegenwart