Humanistic, sustainable, action-oriented: These three basic principles form the central thread that guides the activities of Leuphana University of Lüneburg. We regard ourselves as a model university treading new paths in teaching and research. And to great success, as our award-winning teaching concept, for instance, demonstrates. The University has identified a total of seven main themes that will characterise civil society in the 21st century. With our work, we want to help find sustainable solutions to these challenges.

Arts and Humanities

Oscar Wilde once referred to art as 'the most intense mode of individualism'. Artistic activity is a part of being human; it makes us who we are. That is why Leuphana University sees itself as a place of creativity. At the same time, it maintains active contact with the art world. The art world, in turn, benefits from the scientific expertise that converges on the banks of the River Ilmenau. more

Democracy and its future

Elections alone do not make a democracy, as Barack Obama pointed out in a highly publicised speech in Cairo two years before the revolution in Egypt. But what else goes to make up this form of government? How can it be called upon to solve the urgent problems of our time? And how can democracy regain broader public enthusiasm in the future? more

Heterogeneity and education

Our schools provide instruction to young people who come from completely different educational backgrounds. How can teachers respond to this diversity to ensure that school pupils can develop to their full potential in ways that take their own individual conditions and interests into account? To this day, the question of the best approaches to heterogeneity remains one of the most urgent demands facing the German educational system. more

Entrepreneurship and the economy

Businesses form the backbone of our prosperity. What are the personality traits that characterise a successful entrepreneur? How can people be motivated to use their own ideas to become self-reliant? And: How can we see to it that entrepreneurs make the principles of sustainability into their own philosophy? Leuphana is working to find the answers to questions like these. more

Digital media

The Internet, social networks such as Facebook and the all-pervasive smartphone have revolutionised the ways in which interact. Our media-consumption habits have changed drastically at the same time. Researchers at Leuphana are investigating the opportunities and hazards that this upheaval involves. more

Health and social development

The German populace is growing older all the time. This trend is accompanied by increased outlays for drugs and medical procedures. Leuphana seeks concepts that will continue to guarantee high-quality, fair and affordable medical care for all who need it. With numerous offerings on campus, it also contributes to the health of its employees and students. more


The University has incorporated the theme of sustainability as a concept that is central to its model. It wants to contribute to an improvement in the conditions of life on Earth without encroaching upon the foundation for the development of future generations. Scientists at Leuphana are working to develop the technologies that this requires. At the same time, they are investigating the framework conditions that promote sustainable development – whether in education, legislation or politics. more