Applying through uni-assist

For Bachelor programmes at Leuphana College

If you hold international university entrance qualifications, you will need to apply for Bachelor programmes at Leuphana College through uni-assist, the service point for international student applications. The same applies to international and German applicants who do not hold German university entrance qualifications.

  • Application Time
  • Online Application
  • Service Fees
  • Application Documents
  • Form of Documents
  • Applications for admission to advanced semesters

Application Time

  •  for the winter semesters

           deadline August 20, starting mid May

  •  for summer semester (applicable only to advanced semesters)

           deadline January 15, starting mid December

We recommend to hand in your application documents six weeks before the deadline! 

First semester students are admitted only to winter semesters at Leuphana University of Lüneburg (Winter semesters starts in October). Admission to advanced semesters is possible in summer and in winter (Summer semester starts in April).

Uni-Assist must receive all your application documents as well as the service fees charged by the (above) deadline. Please note that each university for which Uni-Assist processes international applications sets its own deadline. Make sure that you send all your applications in time to arrive at Uni-Assist within the individual deadlines.

Online Application

(For Applications Through Uni-Assist)

Having registered with uni-assist, you can create an online application at their website as soon as possible time starts.

You can use the online application for bachelor programmes form for first semester applications as well as advanced semester applications.

When you apply, please always indicate your email address if possible. This will be the quickest and safest way for Uni-Assist to contact you and to respond to your questions.

Service Fees

Uni-Assist will charge you a service fee of € 75 for pre-checking your application to the first university. Within the same semester, the fee for further applications to different universities is € 30 per university

German citizens holding international university entrance qualifications, should check if applications to other universities can be addresse to these universities directly.

Please transfer the respective amount to Uni-Assist’s account when you send your application documents.

For information about the payment please see the homepage of Uni-Assist.

Application Documents

The following documents must be submitted along with the printout of the online application:

  • Officially certified copy of your school leaving certificate
  • Officially certified copy of previous academic transcripts of records, if applicable
  • Officially certified copy of previous academic degree certificates, if applicable
  • Copy of your passport showing your photo and personal details
  • Copy of the bank receipt/deposit slip showing you transferred the fee. For payments by credit card, please use the payment form at the Uni-Assist website.
  • Official certified copy of German language proficiency certificate, if applicable minimum Goethe-Zertifikat C1
  • APS certificate, if required, in the original1)
  • Proof of English language proficiency, if required (see also form documents)
  • Confirmation that you did the CC test, if required2)

Further evidence for ONLY for EU/EEA applicants

Documents issues in languages other than English must be accompanied by  a sworm translation into German.

1) Applicants from the People’s Republic of China must have their documents examined by the Academic  Evaluation Center (Akademeische Prüfstelle) in Beijing. Only applicants who have entered Germany before 1. April 2002 or are married to a German citizen may to apply for the APS certificate from Germany. All other applicants must apply for the certificate from China.

1) Applicants from Mongolia must have their documents examined by the Academic Evaluation Center (Akademische Prüfstelle) Ulan Bator.  Only applicants who entered Germany before 1. November 2006, are allowed to apply for the certificate while staying in Germany. Applicants who entered Germany on or after 1. November 2006 must travel to Mongolia in order to apply for the APS certificate. Applicants who are attending a Studienkolleg or have already taken up studies at a university in Germany, do not have to apply for a new APS certificate, when they apply to another German university.

1) Applicants from Vietnam must have their documents examined by the Academic  Evaluation Center (Akademische Prüfstelle) in Hanoi, if they have entered Germany after 1. January 2007. Applicants who entered Germany before 1. January 2007 on a student visa, are exempt from providing an APS.

2) Applicants for teacher education programme (Bachelor`s) for teaching at primary and secondary schools or vocational schools, are requested to do an internet-based self assessment test (CCT). The test is designed to inform you about working as a teacher in Germany, and to help you find out, if this job matches your interests and qualifications. On completing the test, please print out the confirmation of participation and send it to Uni-Assist along with your application documents.

How to procede:

  • Open the website (see link below) and click on the “pupil” button (even if you are already working or studying at university).
  • Go to Guided Tour and complete Tour 1. To do so, you need to enter a password and choose Leuphana for a group name.

Please note: The test results will not influence decisions in the admissions procedure.

Form of Documents

When you apply for a bachelor´s programme, please submit officially certified copies of your degree certificates and transcripts.

Documents issued in languages other than English, must be accompanied by a sworn German or English translation.

The following applies to all applicants: Please do not send any originals to Uni-Assist, as documents will not be returned to you. But note that we require the original APS certificate.

You may enclose simple copies of your TOEFL or IELTS results with your application, if you show us the original when you enroll.

If you take your TOEFL test at the Educational Testing Service, ETS, you can arrange for your results to be electronic transmitted to Uni-Assist, using the code number 2727.

We will accept only sworn translations by professional translators authorised accordingly. For more information on qualified translators, see the links below.

You can find more information on qualified translators and about institutions from which you can have your documents certified on the website of UniAssist.

Applications for admission to advanced semesters

Transfer of previously earned credits

If you have already earned academic credits in your home country or in Germany that match modules of programmes at Leuphana University of Lüneburg, you can apply for admission to an advanced semester.

Application deadlines are July 15. for winter semesters and January 15. for summer semesters. During summer-intake, you can apply for admission to 2nd, 4th and 6th semester, during winter-intake for admission to 3rd and 5th.

When you apply for admission to an advanced semester, you require the form Antrag auf Einstufung.

Online Application:

Please use the online application at the Uni-Assist website for applications for admission into advanced semesters as well.