Admission process

Within the main quota, Leuphana University conducts a differentiated admission process, to account for special skills, experiences and competencies of applicants. This admission process helps to identify those applicants particularly suitable and motivated to study at Leuphana College

But not only Leuphana University becomes more familiar with the applicants. Applicants also have the opportunity to get to know our university and to improve their chances of being admitted.

Advance quota

Particular groups of applicants will be granted advance admission. Applicants of these groups compete only within the groups, but not with applicants from other groups. The following quota are statutory:

  • up to 5% for applicants with university entrance qualifications from countries outside the EU
  • up to 2% for hardship cases
    An additional hardship application has to be completed (see application form at the upper right)
  • up to 3% for applicants for a second degree in germany
    An informal letter clarifying the motivation for a second degree has to be included, as well as additional certificates, and a certificate on the first degree
  • up to 10% for applicants with professional qualification
    Further information on creditable professional qualifications will be provided by the Infoportal at Leuphana University

Waiting time

Waiting time is the time between obtaining a university entrance degree (e.g., Abitur) and the admission to a study programme in Germany, counted as full semesters. A semester is the time between 1 April and 30 September, or 1 October and 31 March. When the university entrance degree is obtained, e.g., in May, waiting time begins with 1 October.

If you attend university in Germany, time spent will not be counted as waiting time.

It is not necessary to apply to university to gain waiting time; it will automatically be calculated when you apply for a study programme. Total waiting time is limited to 7 semesters. Studying abroad will not affect waiting time.

Waiting time quota

10% of the available university places will be given to the highest ranking applicants with the longest waiting time. Applicants with longer waiting time will be preferred over applicants with shorther waiting time. If applicants have an equal waiting time, the following criteria will additionally apply: Average mark, civil/military service (if applicable), lot.

The waiting time quota applies to all German and EU-applicants. Applicants from other countries will be admitted by qualification criteria only.

Stage 1: Mark and engagement

The qualification criteria apply after the advance quota and consist of, at least average mark of the university entrance degree and particular extracurricular qualifications; these two criteria constitute the first step of the Leuphana admission process.

Mark of the university entrance degree
The average mark of the university entrance degree is converted to a score with max. 30 points.

Points for extracurricular qualifications
A maximum of 5 points can be given to applicants with voluntary years, a record of head boy/girl, at least four months of school/study abroad, and other defined activities/qualifications.

Stage 2: Admission Test, Interview

In 2020, due to Covid-19, no study ability tests, selection interviews and mathematics tests could be carried out. Admissions were based solely on the HZB grade and extracurricular activities (level 1).

Students who have not yet been able to obtain a place after Level 1 have the opportunity to receive an invitation to the selection process. As part of the selection process, a study aptitude test is written in all degree programmes. In some degree programmes, a selection interview is also held (see below). English-speaking degree programmes conduct an English-language aptitude test.

The Study Ability Test measures study-related cognitive abilities that are essential for successful studies at Leuphana College. The Leuphana University of Lüneburg would like to get a comprehensive picture of your competences and abilities. By taking the test, a maximum of 24 additional points can be achieved, which improves your chances of admission. In addition, by taking the study ability test you will gain an insight into the requirements of studying in Lüneburg and can already get to know the campus through a varied supporting programme and get a personal impression of the Leuphana University Lüneburg.

Content of the admission test


In addition to the study aptitude test, selection interviews are held in the Lehren und Lernen, Global Environmental Sustainability Studies, Studium Individuale and Umweltwissenschaften programmes. For these study programmes, the aptitude test is integrated into the interview days and takes place either before or after the interviews. In English-language degree programmes, the selection interview is conducted in English.

During the selection interviews, we would like to get to know you and give you the opportunity to score points with your personality. A maximum of 24 points can be achieved by taking part in the selection interview, which are offset against the result of the study ability test (60% interview; 40% test).