Numerus Clausus

At Leuphana College, all majors as well as all teacher education programs have an admission restriction. The familiar Latin term for an admission restriction is numerus clausus ("completed number"). This means that only a certain number of first-year students can be admitted to these majors and therefore admission limits apply.

The special thing about the admission procedure at Leuphana University is that it is not only the final grade that decides who gets a study place. Leuphana College offers the opportunity to score points through extracurricular achievements, participation in a study skills test and, if applicable, participation in a selection interview and thus improve the chance of a study place. This process is explained in detail on the Admissions Process page.

Admission process at Leuphana College ©Leuphana
Admission process at Leuphana College

For the individual criteria, you can achieve the points listed below:

  • maximum 30 points for the average grade of the university entrance qualification.
  • maximum 5 points for extracurricular achievements.
  • a maximum of 24 points in stage 2 (depending on the field of study, composed of a study aptitude test, selection interview and mathematics test).

Below you will find the admission limits for previous years. Please note:

  • This can only be used as a guide to the admission limits for the current admission process.
  • The points of the person who received the last place to be awarded in a degree program determine the new admission limit in that application year.
  • Different quotas are taken into account in the admission process, within which separate admission limits apply (best quota, main procedure, waiting period quota).

    comments on the selection procedure

    „By taking into account other aspects than just my high school grade, I had the feeling that I was also perceived as a person independent of the NC.“
    Erfahrungsbericht Auswahlverfahren ©Leuphana/Anastasia Adasheva
    „In psychology I know some who got a place because they wrote a good selection test and showed a lot of commitment besides school. “
    Erfahrungsbericht Auswahlverfahren ©Charlotte Dierke
    „The admission test gives you another chance to qualify for the program. I find that very valuable, because school grades don't mean everything. “
    Erfahrungsbericht Auswahlverfahren ©Leuphana College