Jobs and Career

The Leuphana Bachelor with a major in Business Administration (BWL) provides a degree with job qualifications in the commercial-administrative, operational or strategic fields.  On account of its broad academic basis, this program is well suited for further study in a variety of Master degree programs.

As a consecutive program, the Leuphana University Lüneburg offers a Master’s degree in “Management and Entrepreneurship” that builds on the academic foundations laid by the Leuphana Bachelor’s degree in business administration.  You can find information about the Master’s degree programs on the home page of the Graduate School. 

Because the Leuphana Bachelor satisfies the necessary educational goals and academic-economic, methodological and legal foundations, your graduate education in the area of business economics can also be continued at other universities with Master’s degrees.

Students can also, of course, enter the job market right after the Bachelor’s degree.  The broad educational profile of the business administration major allows students to become involved in all the classical commercial fields right after graduation. Controlling, purchasing, distribution, sales and logistics are among the possible professional fields, as are accounting, finance, marketing, human resources and general business management. The combination of academic, interdisciplinary and practical educational experience prepares students also to enter the field of business consulting. By augmenting the business administration major with a complementary or in-depth minor, students can specialize in a specific function or in an interdisciplinary field of operation. Depending on which minor is combined with the major, a variety of skill and educational profiles as well as job prospects are possible.