Digital Media


The six semester study program starts with the Leuphana Semester, which is completed jointly by all students. From the second semester onwards, students must specialize in one major and one minor field of study. The major Digital Media is the main subject of learning; it comprises five semesters and includes compulsory modules. The minor adds a second field of study. In addition to their major and minor, all students jointly complete the interdisciplinary Complementary Studies Program, beginning in the second semester.

  • final degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • standard course length: 6 semester
  • deadline for applications: 15 July of each year
  • beginning of the course: October of each year (winter semester)
  • semester abroad: possible
  • ƒƒHistory and Epistemology of Media
  • ƒƒMedia Cultures
  • ƒƒPractical Experience in Digital Media I, II and III
  • ƒƒTechnological Basics I and II
  • ƒƒNet Criticism
  • ƒƒAgents & Interfaces
  • ƒƒRecent Developments in Media Theory
  • ƒƒEconomy of Digital Media
  • ƒƒResearch Colloquium
  • Bachelor’s Thesis
    • Business Administration
    • Business Psychology
    • E-Business
    • Economics
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Law (Corporate and Business Law)
    • Philosophy
    • Political Science
    • Popular Music Studies
    • Social Media and Information Systems
    • Spatial Sciences
    • Sustainability in Natural Sciences

    Initial information

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    Programme Director

    Prof. Dr. Götz Bachmann
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