The six-semester program starts with the Leuphana Semester, which all students take together. From the second semester on, students start specializing in their major and minor. As the main discipline, the major constitutes the topic area for the university degree and stretches out over six semesters. The minor supplements this concentration with a second area of learning. In addition to the specialized education provided by the major and minor, all students participate from the second semester onward in the interdisciplinary comprehensive studies program together.

Students with a concentration in economics will complete the following required modules as part of their major in economics:

  • Mathematics/Statistics for Economics I and II
  • Introduction to Regression Analysis
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Macroeconomics I,  II and III
  • Microeconomics I, II and III
  • Occupational Fields of Economists
  • Current Topics in Economics
  • final degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
  • standard course length: 6 semester
  • deadline for applications: 15 July of each year
  • beginning of the course: October of each year (winter semester)
  • semester abroad: possible

As part of the requirements for the degree in Economics, students complete a number of elective modules. These are taken in the fourth and fifth semesters.  Students have the opportunity to choose a concentration with in the majors and to individualize their studies.

The topics of these electives are geared toward contemporary economics questions and the research areas of the faculty. In this manner, economic foundations and relevant political-economic aspects are connected with each other and set in an explicitly practical context. Core topics, covered in these electives include monetary policy, happiness research, economic growth, foreign trade, finance, labor economics and many more.

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