Teacher Education
(primary and secondary)

Teaching and Learning (B.A.)

Since its founding, the education of teachers has been an important pillar of Leuphana University Lüneburg, because it combines scientific groundwork with considerable practical relevance. As students in teacher education at Leuphana, you will acquire not only academic knowledge and educational skills, but also pedagogical and psychological competencies in developing a sustainable school.
Preparation for a teaching qualification in primary and lower secondary schools or secondary modern schools is offered in two consecutive degree programs:

  • Bachelor degree, “Teaching and Learning” (B.A.)
  • Master's degree, “Teaching Qualification for Primary and Lower Secondary School (Hauptschule)” (M.Ed.) or “Teaching qualification for Secondary Modern School (Realschule)” (M. Ed.)

The Bachelor degree in teaching and learning combines a professional training with courses in the educational, psychological, social and cultural sciences.  Along with an academic education your studies will include instructional practice.  The Bachelor is integrated into the academic program of Leuphana College and set up so that you can graduate in six semesters.

In the context of your professional studies you will study two subject areas with academic and educational components.  As part of your professionalization in education sciences, you take courses mostly in pedagogy and psychology and complete various practical internships.  You will learn about additional interdisciplinary subjects through the courses available specifically for the Leuphana Bachelor (the Leuphana Semester and the comprehensive studies program.)

At Leuphana you can choose from among eleven different subject areas: German, English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Protestant Religion, Art, Music, Politics, Social Studies and Science with related field, and Sport.  For the related field in Social Studies and Science you may choose from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Politics, History or Geography. 

The final decision to concentrate on primary and lower secondary school (Hauptschule) or on secondary modern school (Realschule) occurs only when you register for the Master’s program.  Nevertheless you should take into account during the selection of courses in the Bachelor program that certain combinations will limit your flexibility to choose between a focus on primary and lower secondary school (Grund-and Hauptschule) or secondary modern school (Realschule).  Details regarding the choice of courses can be found on the College webpage (see link below) under “Leuphana Teacher Education.”   You can find the course prerequisites for English, Music and Sports on the College webpage under “Your application.”

You can start the Master's program (two consecutive semesters) directly after completing the Bachelor’s degree.   The successful completion of this degree is the equivalent of the First State Exam.  With the completion of the Master’s degree you can apply for the teaching practice required for the Second State Exam, after which you can apply for admission into the school system.  You can find information about the Master’s program in the Graduate School under gradschool.leuphana.de.