Minor and Complementary Studies

What awaits me in my 2nd semester?

Which modules does my minor include? What is the best way to choose my electives in the Complementary Studies? What are the rules for registration? How do I put together my schedule for the 2nd semester?

To answer these and other questions, the College is organising an information series for first-semester students, which will provide an outlook on the 2nd semester


Minor Presentations

Every Friday evening, the directors of the minors present their programmes and give an outlook on the start of the minor in the 2nd semester. The Zoom rooms will be made available via a myStudy message.

Popular Music Studies, Psychology & Society and Comparative Economic Law are taught entirely in English.

Sustainability Sciences, Political Sciences, Spatical Sciences, Philosophy and Economics are German-taught programmes, including English-language modules. Thus, these minors can be studied in English, possibly with a limited range of electives.

 18:00 - 18:3018:30 - 19:0019:00-19:30
2. December   
Zoom 1

Digital Business*

Dipl.-Inf., MBA Stefanos Dimitriadis

Soziale Medien und Informationssysteme


Digitale Medien/Kulturinformatik*

Prof. Dr. Martin Warnke

9. December   
Zoom 1

Nachhaltigkeitswissenschaften* (DE/ENG)

Presentation in English

Prof. Dr. Berta MartÍn-López

Raumwissenschaften* (DE/ENG)


Zoom 2

Popular Music Studies (ENG)*

Prof. Dr. Michael Ahlers

Politikwissenschaften* (DE/ENG)

Dr. rer. pol. Jakob Schwörer

Zoom 1


Prof. Dr. Marc Kleinknecht

Philosophie* (DE/ENG)

Prof. Dr. Roberto Nigro

Zoom 2

Psychology & Society (ENG)*

Prof. Dr. David Loschelder


Prof. Dr. Kerstin Brockelmann

6. December   
Zoom 1


Prof. Dr. Reinhard Schulte

Volkswirtschaftslehre (DE/ENG)

Mats Kahl

Ingenieurwissenschaften (Grundlagen)

Dr. Brit-Maren Block

Zoom 2Rechtswissenschaften*

Comparative Economic Law (ENG)*

Prof. Dr. Axel Halfmeier

new minor - starts for the first time in summer term 2022


*=restricted admission

If you would like to change your minor, please note that there are different deadlines for restricted-admission and open-admission minors.

Please note the following deadlines:

15 January ⇒ admission-restricted minor 1 April ⇒ admission-free minor


Monday, 17th January 202212:15 - 13:45

Complementary Studies


At the same time as the minor, the complementary studies begin in the 2nd semester.

-Which modules are offered?
-What are the enrolment rules?
-What is a profile and how can I register for it?
-How can I integrate a practical phase?

The Complementary Studies team will answer these and other questions on 17 January between 12:15 and 13:45 on Zoom.


Tuesday, 22th February 202210:15 - 11:45

RPO, fsa, what?


Creating your schedule for the 2nd semester

The new course catalog for the summer semester is published online in myStudy. We show you how to compile your schedule for the summer semester.