Timo Steffens – "Stay hungry, stay foolish"

2020-07-13 Leuphana-Alumnus is co-founder of Europe's first neo-bank for Generation Z: Timo Steffens started his career at Leuphana College with a degree in Business Administration as his Major and Digital Business as his Minor.

"Stay hungry, stay foolish" - words from Steve Jobs, that Steffens uses as guidance. During his studies at Leuphana, he had the opportunity to intern at a cooperation partner of the university, the e-learning platform Prozubi. He was able to support the development of the company. The work motivated him and shaped his interest in digital innovation.

Steffens is currently in the middle of the first financing phase for his start-up "pockid": a neo-bank for Generation-Z - people born in 1996 and younger. "This is the first completely digitally socialized generation," he explains. In his project, there will be no classic Girocard, but the most modern debit card from Mastercard. Online and offline payments will be possible almost anywhere in the world. "We are working at full capacity to develop our product," the founder explains. 

"The studies at Leuphana have influenced me a lot." Steffens used the university's start-up service and his studies in his minor digital business. "Through this, themes and concepts of the digital world were familiar to me. Every event was fun and very educational because the teachers were passionate about it." About his studies, the young entrepreneur says: "I can not only recommend Digital Business as a minor, I would even do it again."

Timo Steffen, co-founder of the start-up company pockid ©Timo Steffens
Timo Steffen, co-founder of the start-up company pockid