Photo Contest 2020

„Prize-winning pictures 2015 Nachhaltige Ruhe“
Prize-winning pictures 20152015 ©Copyright (c) Lisa Behrend 2015
„Prize-winning pictures 2015 Amerikaaustausch Happy in Lüneburg“
Prize-winning pictures 2015 ©Copyright (c) Malin Meister 2015
„Prize-winning pictures 2015 Am Sande bei Nacht“
Prize-winning pictures 2015 ©Copyright (c) Malin Meister 2015

Your Studies. Your Campus. Your City

That is the motto of the photo competition organized by Leuphana College and Graduate School. Many social events, which otherwise accompany the studies quite naturally, cannot take place this year. The photo competition is your opportunity to get to reflect your studies in a visual and creative way.

Take the chance for a creative break!

No matter if you are in Lüneburg, or you study online from your hometown, take your smartphone/your camera to explore your surroundings and capture what makes your studies special to you at the moment, whether on campus or at home.

You want to submit an older picture from "pre-Corona times"? You are welcome to do so! We are looking forward to snapshots e.g. from the last university sports festival, international dinner or the Lunatic.

The best pictures will be published on Instagram - with your picture you have the possibility to exchange with your fellow students despite the lockdown and show future students what studying at Leuphana is all about.

You want to participate?
All bachelor and master students of the Leuphana University Lüneburg enrolled in the current winter semester 2020 can participate.
Just upload up to 3 pictures (1:1, square format ) on our Moodle course until January 15, 2021 and fill out the participation form.
And afterwards?
A jury of students and staff of Leuphana will select the best 25 pictures from all entries. The winning pictures are then determined by instagram voting!

One of the popular Leuphana Hoodies is waiting for the first 5 prize winners. Also the 20 other prize winners can look forward to nice prizes from the Leuphana Merchandise-Shop:

1-5th place: Leuphana Hoodie (with logo or skyline)

6th-10th place: Leuphana Soulbottle

11th-15th place: Leuphana laptop stand for your home office

16th-25th place: Leuphana T-shirt (with logo or skyline)

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