Progress - Asking for Trouble?

Artificial intelligence, growth imperative and global warming. Do we controll progress or does it controll us? Shaping progress is what matters today, but isn´t that inherently asking for trouble? Let's not leave that to the others, but take it in our own hands. At the Leuphana Conference Week 2019 you can start with it.

As a highlight of the module "Wissenschaft trägt Verantwortung", students of the first semester meet actors from politics and society, business and research. Together they ask what responsibility we have in the world of tomorrow.

On the XII. Conference week project groups sessions, workshops, seminar plenaries and the Gallery Walk invite you to look into the future. The Slam of Change will focus on your three winning utopic designs and will be discussed with Damian Boeselager from the European party VOLT. If you want to hear, taste and see the progress, come to the "Spezialitätenabend". Students and people from the city and region meet in the foyer of the new Libeskind building. Be it music, a culinary Schnippeldisko or video installations - responsibility goes through the senses and the entrance is free.


Prominent guests like the philosopher Richard David Precht, the minister of justice Katarina Barley, the politician Katja Kipping, the philospher Lisa Herzog and the scientist and author Tilman Santarius will inspire us with their ideas.

Let´s give progress a direction.