Opening Week 2010

Open Spaces

The Opening Week 2010 was all about "Frei-Raum" – space and freedom. Students were to work in teams on the possible redesign of actual open spaces on campus, a task that demanded great inventiveness and creativity. Project work was based on an architectural competition for the redesign of space on the Leuphana campus. In May, the University had invited landscape architects from around the world to take part in the competition for the redesign of the central campus. Sixty firms from six different countries submitted their ideas. This was a unique call for tenders: it demanded a vision for a university campus of the future. In the spring, six landscape architecture firms were selected to develop their design concepts in detail and at the beginning of October, the designs of those six finalists were evaluated by a panel of experts.
The students’ task was to question and to reflect on the concept behind a plan for the redesign of a specific University open space by presenting a 90-second film. Help and advice were provided by landscape architects, film experts and student tutors.

The candidates

Kares en Brands | Weidinger | Geskes Hack | Breimann & Bruun | el:ch | gh3

Guest speakers

Prof. Dr. Omar Akbar | Major Alexander Radü | Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Kehr | Nicolas Thomkins | Daniel Libeskind

Open Spaces: Results of the 2010 projects

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