Opening Week 2013

Future. City. Life!

Opening Week 2013 explored urban development. A child born today has an average life expectancy of 104 years. This is changing society in general and life in the city. Students were asked to address their responsibility for helping to shape tomorrow's society. To meet this challenge, they were given the most important data right at the start of the week by fictitious citizens of the town of Leinwig. Lectures on theory and practice and a number of tutorials prepared them for questions such as "What defines good living?" and "How will we live in fifty years' time?".Working with the fictitious town of Leinwig, the students developed innovative concepts for urban development and a practical implementation plan. 

Guest speakers

Daniel Libeskind | Evarist Bartholo | Avener de-Shalit

Impressions of the Opening Week 2013

Einblicke in die Startwoche 3013