With the Opening Week we invite you to a special start of your studies. The Opening Week begins on 1 October (Tuesday) and ends on 11 October (Friday). The first two days (1 October and 2 October) are all about welcoming you: you meet the tutors, your project group and get to know the city, the campus and the professors of your degree programme.

After the holiday and a free weekend, the Opening Week will be devoted to the topic "Sharing in a Globalized World". You will gather impressions from seminars, discussions and group work situations and develop your own Opening Week project. After an exciting week in which you approached the topic from different perspectives, the Opening Week ends on Friday (11 October) with the finale: We will look at your results together and let the week end together.

The Opening Week will begin on 1 October with an interreligious prayer at 9 a.m. (admission at 8.45 a.m.) in the Auditorium on the campus of Leuphana - you are welcome to arrive on time. If you do not wish to attend, you can join the Opening Week Opening Ceremony in the Auditorium at 10 a.m. (admission at 9.45 a.m.). We look forward to seeing you.

Tuesday, 1 October

Interreligious Devotions

with Jona Simon (Rabbiner), Mustafa Cetinkaya (Imam, Hamburg), Silke Ideker (Hochschulpastorin, Evangelische Hochschulgemeinde), Michael Hasenauer (Hochschulseelsorger, Katholische Hochschulgemeinde)

Place: Auditorium

Opening Ceremony

Speaker: Daniela Jacob (Director of Climate Service Center Germany)

with Sascha Spoun (President of Leuphana University)

with Christian Brei (Vize-President of Leuphana University)

with Ulrich Mädge (Mayor of the hanseatic city Lüneburg)

with Steffi Hobuß (Academic director of Leuphana college)

Universitätschor | Rebecca Lang

Place: Auditorium


with Sven Prien-Ribcke (Head of Opening Week), Johanna Hopp and Leonie Schmitt (Opening Week Team)

Place: Auditorium


Place: Various Venues

Monday, 7 October

Introduction: Sharing in a Gloablized World

Moderation: Paula Bialski, Thomas Gegenhuber and Daniel Lang


Questioning Self | with Steffi Hobuß

Cooperation | with Mark Kleinknecht

Place: Auditorium


#SharedNarratives: Interview with Paula Bialski and Manuela Bojadzijev

#SharedData: Interview with Thomas Gegenhuber and Götz Bachmann

#SharedPlanet: Interview with Daniel Lang and Anupam Sharaf

Place: Auditorium

Keynote: Welfare and Economic Growth - some lessons from history

Speaker: Ben Szreter (Chief executive of United Community Trust), Hilary Cooper (Economic consultant), Simon Szreter (Professor of History and Public Policy at the University of Cambridge and Fellow of St John's College) 

Moderation: Daniel Lang

Place: Auditorium

Skype Interview: Angry Weather 

with Friederike Otto (Acting Director of the Environmental Change Institute and an Associate Professor in the Global Climate Science Programme, Oxford University)

Moderation: Daniel Lang

Place: Auditorium


Keynote: 2100 - Justice and Climate

Speaker: Thomas Pogge (Leitner Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs, Yale University)

Moderation: Paula Bialski

Place: Auditorium


Projekt work I: Exploring the topic

Place: Various venues

Podium: Globale Gerechtigkeit - Europas Rolle für die Zukunft?

with Thomas Pogge (Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs, Yale)

with Andreas R. Kirchschläger ( CEO of the elea Foundation for Ethics in Globalization)

with Nora Kiefer (Research Consultant Deutsche Afrika Stiftung)

and Kristina Lunz (Co-founder of the Center for Feminist Foreign Policy)

Moderation: Thomas Gegenhuber

Place: Auditorium


Tuesday, 8 October

Critical or visionary? Two modes of project work

Critique with Susanne Leeb

Vision with Daniel Lang

Place: Auditorium




Keynotes: Two Approaches of Sharing in the Planet

with Rob Hopkins (Founder TRANSITION TOWNS MOVEMENT)

Impact through entrepreneurship – the elea way of fighting povertywith Andreas Kirchschläger (CEO of the elea Foundation for Ethics in Globalization)

Place: Auditorium

Project Work II: Consulting the topic

Place: Various Venues

The State of the Blockchain Revolution​​​​​​​

with Don Tapscott

Place: Auditorium

How the input concerning the contributions for the digital collage work

Write, to talk – Speech Writing | Schreiben, um zu Reden

Video production

It's all good

Vernissage: "Looking Back"

Wednesday, 09 October

How the cross-thematic impulses work

#SharedNarratives and #SharedData

#SharedNarratives and #SharedPlanet

#SharedPlanet and #SharedData

Project Work III: Developing visions

Place: Various Venues

Keynote: Freiheitsrechte? Ich google das mal - Die digitale Gesellschaft gestalten

with Markus Beckedahl (Begründer und Geschäftsführer von

Place: Auditorium


Continued: Project work III: Developing visions

Place: Various Venues




Thursday, 10 October

Project Work IV: Realising visionary and critical contributions

Place: Various venues


Podium: "No Borders? No Nations? - Limits of Sharing in a Globalized World"

with Jutta Nagel (Seawatch eV.)

with Konstantin Kuhle (FDP)

with Nadin Zaya (Junge Liberale Niedersachsen)

with Alessandra Asteriti (Junior Professor for International Economic Law Competition & Regulation Law)

Place: Auditorium

Continued: Projekt work IV: Realizing visionary and critical contributions

Place: Various venues

Party / Vamos

Friday, 11 October

Criticism and vision: Sessions on 33 topics with advisors

Place: Various venues