Thursday, 5 October 2017 kicks off the Opening Week at St. John’s (St. Johanniskirche)! All first semester students are invited to join an interfaith church service starting at 9:00 am. Remaining at the church, the celebratory welcome for all 1,500 new students will follow directly afterwards with the doors opening at 10:00 am. The inspirational welcoming will be provided by Leuphana’s own, President Prof. (HSG) Dr. Sascha Spoun as well as the keynote speaker, Dr. Norbert Lammert, President of the Bundestag!


After the opening ceremony has finished, the new students will be taken on a city tour to get to know their new surroundings before attending the student welcome meeting at Leuphana’s main campus. At the student welcome meeting, students will get to know each other and will be greeted by the college. This is an opportunity for students to get information about the upcoming semester, ask questions, and conclude their first day of the Opening Week. 


“College Day” begins on Friday. During the morning, the college formally introduces themselves as an institution and provides helpful information about the structure and platforms imperative to success at Leuphana. The college will discuss topics such as the Leuphana Semester as well as provide hands on tutorials on how to use myStudy, register for courses, and schedule university activities.  College day will also provide information from associations such as AStA and other organizations working with Leuphana. The coordinators of the majors as well as professors will introduce their programs to the new students. This will be the opportunity for students to ask questions about their chosen program and receive information about what they can expect.  


After the weekend the students start Monday morning by gaining theoretical input to guide their first day of group work focusing on their projects. Afterwards students will attend their first panel discussion to aid the groups with their progress. The other panel discussions will take place on Tuesay and Thursday.  Throughout the Opening Week guests, such as politician Gregor Gysi from Die Linke and Rebecca Harms from the European Green Party, will be able to provide practical experience and input for the students and their projects. Each group will have a coach coming in on Wednesday to listen to their ideas, provide feedback, perspective and personal experience. Thursday will be the last day students have to finish up their projects and the submission opens later in the evening and closes Friday morning. 


On the last day of the Opening Week, Friday, students will meet in the new Central Building for the finale. During this closing ceremony, the results of the projects will be presented followed by musical acts and a celebration to mark the official end of the Opening Week 2017. 

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