Sharing in a Globalized World

01.10. - 11.10.2019

What does sharing mean to you? Do we win or lose by sharing? We invite you as first semester students to take a close look at this year’s topic, to follow your personal interests and to develop own ideas and projects. #SharedPlanet: How do we share power, freedom and resources? #SharedData: How and with whom do we share our emotions, our life experience and decisions? Who controls Big Data? #SharedNarratives: In how far do our ideas of sharing influence our values and memories, our thinking and utopias?  

During the Opening Week 2019, you will act as critics and visionaries of a Sharing Society. In more than 30 projects, you will focus on certain topics and identify and discuss both present and future concepts of sharing. Together with all 1.500 first semester students, you will generate critical and visionary ideas. All results will be collected and published in a digital collage. This collage will be enriched and fulfilled up until the conference week.

Renowned guests and keynote speakers look forward to meeting you at the Opening Week. You will get in touch with experts from different fields of society, such as politics and science. Members of all our four faculties will guide you through the Opening Week and consult you in your project work. Also, students of higher semesters will be your tutors and give you any support you may need. 

Keyterm Sheets

Past Years

Um einen Eindruck zu bekommen, wie Ihre Startwoche aussehen könnte, schauen Sie sich das Video oben auf dieser Seite an! 


Our team is more than just the people who plan the event, it also takes Tutors, Mentors, advisors and Moderators to make the Opening Week possible.


Check out what will happen during the Opening Week. The closer we approach, the more detailed information will be available.