Narrative can be conceived as the telling (in whatever medium, though especially language) of a series of temporal events in order to tell a meaningful story (Kerby 1991). Oftentimes a group of people share the same understanding of a series of events - sharing a common narrative. When thinking through #sharednarratives, think about the way in which you and those around you share the same ways of organizing, presenting and remembering information, and knowing the world. Technology also helps create (for better or for worse) a globalised shared narrative of a number of social concepts such as a shared understanding of the “good life,” of partnership, of family, or of the future itself.

Moderator for #SharedNarratives

Pau­la Bi­al­ski, known to some as “the ha­cker-whi­s­pe­rer," pri­des her­s­elf in her sharp skill of be­fri­en­ding all sorts of tech­ni­cal­ly-sav­vy nerds, which she has suc­cess­ful­ly done du­ring her eth­no­gra­phic stints with hip­pie back­pa­cker-and-couchsur­fing ha­ckers in Mon­tre­al or, more re­cent­ly, map­ping and na­vi­ga­ti­on cor­po­ra­te ha­ckers in Ber­lin. At Leu­pha­na, she can be found co-co­or­di­na­ting the Di­gi­tal Me­dia BA pro­gram whi­le at the same time tou­ring and com­po­sing with the in­credi­b­ly-fa­mous-in-Po­land in­die pop sen­sa­ti­on, Pau­la & Ka­rol. 

Paula Bialski

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Fair and Successful Negotiation

Migration and Identity in a Globalized World

Modern Issues with Age-Old Roots

New ideas of solidarity - no captalism means no solution, too

Sharing culture or imposing culture? The example of human rights’ universalism vs relativism debate

Sharing Literature

Sound & Society

The conditions and limits of hospitality

The (post-)colonial view

Politics of Participation. Towards new Modes of Participation in a Post-media Era.

Who are we and how many? Identity. Migration. Resistance