Teacher Education

For the summer semester 2023, the lectures from the teachers programmes are opened for guests. Unless otherwise stated, the courses take place weekly.

In the first and last two weeks of the lecture period, details about the course and examinations are discussed in the lectures. Since this content is not very informative for visitors, it is not advisable to attend during this time. The courses are therefore open for visits until 23 June 2023.

Please note that the subjects for the teaching profession are taught in German. Even if you choose the subject English as a degree seeking student, you must prove your knowledge of German in addition to your knowledge of English.

Please note:

  •  You do not need to register in advance.
  •  Unfortunately, we cannot inform you on a daily basis whether all events will take place. Cancellations are always possible.
  •  Please inform the lecturer of your visit before the start of the event.

 Have fun and a nice summer day on our green campus

The peeking into courses for the primary, lower secondary and intermediate school teaching profession is possible in the following areas:

  1. Professionalisation area (pedagogy/psychology/didactics)
  2. Various teaching subjects

Peeking into Business Education and Social Pedagogy is possible in the following fields:

  1. vocational specialisation (business education and social pedagogy)
  2. vocational and business education (professionalisation area)
  3. various teaching subjects