08. Dec

Lecture as part of the series „Sustainability Psychology Talks 2022“

Dr. Laura Henn: „Individual Sustainable Behavior: Motivational Causes, External Influences and Ecological Impact

  • 8 December, 12:15 h
  • C40.606 (Central Building)
  • The lecture will be held in English.

Individual sustainable behavior encompasses a large and very heterogenous class of behaviors which have in common that people can choose them in order to protect the climate and the environment. They differ, however, in their behavioral costs, that is, in the extent of effort in terms of money, time, inconvenience, for example, that are associated with engaging in the respective behaviors. Such behavioral costs are related to context design and thus represent external influences on individual behavior. As such, the reduction of behavioral costs appears to be a promising and effective strategy to encourage more sustainable behavior. However, individual motivation to live more sustainably is the common cause of any sustainable behavior and thus ultimately plays a crucial role in transforming societies to be more sustainable.

Laura Henn currently works as a postdoctoral researcher in environmental psychology at the University of Kassel’s Center for Environmental Systems Research. She studied psychology at the University of Freiburg and the University of Gothenburg and obtained her PhD in 2020 from the University of Magdeburg. She is a member of the task force “Humans, Climate, Sustainability” of the German Association for Psychology (DGPs) and serves as a member on the Early Career Advisory Board of the Journal of Environmental Psychology. Her work focuses on the interplay of environmental attitude and behavioral costs grounded in the context, on the role of individuals’ sustainability-related attitudes on their professional decision making, and on spillover effects as the result of enhanced environmental attitudes.


  • Prof. Dr. Astrid Kause