Major Works of German-language Narrative Prose: Felicitas Hoppe "Hoppe"

01. Feb

Lecture series on major works of German-language narrative prose since 1989

Which Works Remain? - Fourteen literary scholars each present a German-language prose text from the period since the political break of 1989. They explain why this particular book should be read, discussed, remembered and handed down. And what topicality, formal novelty and explosiveness it contains. In doing so, they not only underline the diversity of contemporary literature. In the mirror of the works, they also discuss issues that are driving our time and pointing the way to the future.

WS 2022/23, Wednesdays, 6:15 p.m., Lecture Hall 4

All interested are welcome!

01.02. Dr. Sarah Schmidt, Berlin
Felicitas Hoppe: Hoppe (2012)