Liberal Education and Interdisciplinarity: Friends or Foes?

15. Jul

Liberal Education and Interdisciplinarity: Friends or Foes?

Dr. Ryan Plumley (University College Freiburg) 

In contemporary higher education in Europe, both “liberal education” and “interdisciplinarity” are buzzwords that attract interest and funding. Often they come together as a package, as if the connection were natural and obvious. Yet there is a long tradition of liberal education that sets itself against technical and specialized research agendas like interdisciplinarity.

Are liberal education and interdisciplinarity allies or adversaries? Are they each a means to the same end or competing ends? Can they help each other or do they interfere with each other? In this LET, we will explore some arguments and discuss what is at stake in aligning or letting them part ways in our own institutions.

Ryan Plumley is Lecturer and Coordinator for Culture & History at the University College Freiburg. He is responsible for the humanities curriculum within the Liberal Arts and Sciences BA/BSc program. His keen interest in the philosophy and theory of liberal education, particularly as it is transformed into concrete institutional forms in contemporary Europe.

15th July 2020  |  4 - 5.30pm in Zoom

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