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Biofuel plant Jatropha put to the test


World’s largest study of Jatropha projects exposes unsolved problems

First considered a salvation, then treated as a curse: the biofuel plant Jatropha is symbolic for the fate of the entire biofuels industry. Biofuels are...


Tourism Industry: A Good Reputation Matters


Vacationers prefer trustworthy agencies

A good reputation pays off for any tour agency. This is the central conclusion of a study conducted by Leuphana University of Lüneburg.  According to the study, vacationers prefer...


Sharing Economy – "Germany shares"


Is Germany on its way to a new Consumer Culture?

Lüneburg.  This year’s CeBIT, the world’s largest convention dedicated to the digital economy has made the current trend in sharing goods and services via the Internet, the...


Conference Week: Hot on the Trail of Change


How does social change function and what can the actively engaged individual bring to the process?—this is what 1,800 students investigated during their first academic conference.  Under the banner, “Awakening, Upheaval,...


Wild pollinators increase crop fruit set


A recent study, published in Science, highlights the importance of the interaction between wild pollinators and production of animal-pollinated crops. An international research team of 50 authors led by Alexandra Maria Klein...


Leuphana wins ZEIT-WISSEN Sustainability Prize


On February 21st Leuphana University of Lüneburg was given the “ZEIT-Wissen Encouraging Sustainability Prize” in Hamburg.  By granting this prize, ZEIT-Wissen and the Initiative “Encouraging Sustainability” recognized the...


Research on Digital Media to Expand


Volkswagen Foundation’s Advisory Council and the State of Lower Saxony select Leuphana’s project for funding

In the past year, thirteen project proposals from all over Lower Saxony were submitted to the Volkswagen Foundation’s...


The effectiveness of Honey Bees at Pollinating


Honey bees are more effective at pollinating almonds when other species of bees are present, says an international research team in ground-breaking research just published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society.

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Leuphana “Digital School“ launches in 91 countries


Students from all over the world design models for life in the city – credit points against degree earned – architect Daniel Libeskind leads pilot course

Leuphana University’s Digital School has entered into the age of...


Success in the Competition for Entrepreneurial Culture


1.2 million in funding for three years—further development of entrepreneurial culture


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