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New Leuphana Doctoral Programme: “Democracy under Stress“

03/16/2016 Lüneburg. Lower Saxony’s Ministry of Science and Culture has just announced that it will award a “Georg-Christoph-Lichtenberg” scholarship to twelve of Leuphana University’s future outstanding doctoral students. In the next four years, a total of a quarter of a million euros in grants will be awarded within the framework of the Doctoral Programme “Democracy under Stress” developed and applied for by Professors Drs Ferdinand Müller-Rommel and Marion Reiser of the Centre for the Study of Democracy (ZDEMO).

The up-and-coming academics will study current “stress factors” affecting democracy. The research concerns the question how modern democracies perceive, handle and master political, economic, ecologic and cultural challenges as they arise. It investigates, furthermore, how dealing with these problems affects the stability of a democracy. Investigative work will concentrate on three fields of research: participation, representation, and inclusion, thereby covering the core functions of democracy.

The scholarship holders will receive a monthly allowance of EUR1.500 and any necessary supplementary funding for stays abroad or child care. The funding period starts on 1st October 2016. Leuphana dispenses two further scholarships from its own budget, bringing the total number of doctoral students receiving a stipend for this structured doctoral program to 14.

From their second year on, individual doctoral students are offered the opportunity to contribute to the bachelor’s programme in the discipline of political sciences at Leuphana College. The scholarship holders can also complete a semester abroad at the “Centre for the Study of Democracy” of the University of California (Irvine) or at the International Doctoral College for Political Sciences of the University of Siena.