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Governance and Human Rights: Launch of the new study program

10/19/2015 There is a new Master’s program at Leuphana Professional School on Governance and Human Rights. At the launch of the program in Berlin the students discussed with representatives from the political sphere and NGOs on how to protect human rights.

“Human Rights have to become ‘Realpolitik’”
Are good governance principle and the protection of human rights a solution for global crises? This questions was discussed among the representatives of administration, academia and NGOs at the launch of the program “Governance and Human Rights”: Gesine Schwan (HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA Governance Platform), Selmin Caliskan (General Secretary of Amnesty International Germany), Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul (former Federal Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development), Christoph Strässer (Federal Commissioner for Human Rights Policy and Humanitarian Aid), Beate Rudolf (Director at the German Institute of Human Rights) and Thorsten Benner (Director of the Global Public Policy Institute) were among the panelists.

In a vivid debate Selmin Caliskan, general secretary of Amnesty International, demanded that human rights policies have to become part of the “Realpolitik”, the actual and implemented policies. Former Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul supported the argument stating: “Human rights policy is no niche issue done by some few idealists. Instead every single federal ministry like the ministry for the economy, the minister of defence or the foreign minister should reflect its actions and make sure human rights are protected.”

Students debate hate speech
In the morning prior to the debate the students from seven different countries and three continents did the first introductory workshops. During the workshops they reflected “good governance”-principles and argued at which point freedom of speech ends and hate speech starts. Another issue of the debate was how the right of physical integrity can be used to justify human rights violations in the course of the fight against terrorism. In general student were very interested and eager to learn more in the classroom session and the following distance-learning session.

“The program is an important tool in the human rights protection”

The Commissioner of Human Rights of the Federal Government Christoph Strässer statet that the new program on Governance and Human Rights was “an important tool in the human rights protection.” He was seeing fewer people on the demonstrations of the peace movement than in earlier times. But many young people are dealing with the issue in the course of the program. “I wish the program the very best and the students good luck”, said Strässer-

Classroom sessions and distance-learning
The new Master’s program M.A. Governance and Human Rights is run in cooperation between Leuphana Professional School and HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA Governance Platform. It started in the winter term 2015/16 and contains classroom sessions and distance-learning sessions.


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