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Summer University at the International Office: German for All

08/22/2017 Paolo, Jitka and Yoriko are turning the pages of the dictionary together. “How do you say that in German?”, is one of the central questions at the Summer University, Leuphana’s language and cultural programme for international students. By the end of the month, about 60 guests from all over the world will learn the German language on campus. The next German Intensive Course will start in September – this time only for Leuphana students. There are still free places.

Mette wants to become a German teacher. “They are in demand in Denmark” the 23-year-old reports. Together with her two co-students, she enrolled at Leuphana’s Summer University. “The course is very intensive and challenging” says Louisa, the Dane. As a consequence, the learning effect is accordingly high.Many of the students study German in their home country. Yoriko is studying German philology at the University of Tokyo. It is her love for Brahms and Beethoven, which led her to the German language. Jitka from the Czech Republic wants to better understand the history that her home country shares with Germany. “We have a lot in common” says the 24-year-old. For Paolo from Portugal, it is language practice that counts. “I do not have many opportunities to speak German at home” explains the 23-year-old, who is studying German and French at the prestigious Coimbra University.

For most of them, it is their first stay in Germany. They enjoy the comprehensive supporting programme with sports and games, guided tours, excursions and daily German courses. The next intensive German course for international students of Leuphana will start in September. Most of those attending are freshmen, but it is also open to advanced semesters. The placement test is on Friday, 8th September, and the German Intensive Course starts on Monday, 11th September and ends on 29th September. Course fees are 75 euros or 150 euros.


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