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“I should not be speaking to you" Graduation ceremony 2017

2017-11-20 “I should not be speaking to you here”, said a visibly moved Charlotte Knobloch to the fresh graduates of Leuphana. “The National Socialist regime was determined to prevent this”.

Knobloch, Holocaust survivor, former president of the Central Council of Jews, former vice-president of the World Jewish Congress and currently Commissioner for Holocaust Memories of the World Jewish Congress encouraged young people at their graduate celebration to be patriots, because this would mean loving one’s state and country and protecting its institutions, because they need to be protected.

Patriots, she continued, were aware that all the atrocities from the past could also happen here and now, and that it was necessary to be brave enough to counteract them in time. She said it was easy to go along; difficult to move forward, but there can be no freedom without discomfort. Knobloch expressed her confidence that, at Leuphana, the graduates had received an excellent foundation of what values are and how to do the right thing. Preserving current peace and happiness in Europe is in their hands. She bowed before them with the expression of deepest confidence, she said.

Courage and responsibility were also the subject of a speech by AStA spokeswoman Laura Steck. She thanked the graduates for their commitment during their studies. She said they had enlivened the campus and the whole city with their energy and joie de vivre. With a view to the forthcoming future, she said that the expertise acquired was only a substructure. What they had also learned as students at Leuphana was to bring curiosity and creative power into their profession.

Julia Hamann, recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, summed up in her speech: “Leuphana is a place for new experiences every day. Think big and start small has been the spirit from the first day on”. There is no better way to sum up the Leuphana’s educational rationale.

At the joint graduation ceremony of College, Graduate School and Professional School, the students were given a ceremonial farewell.

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