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Students in Portrait: Ayham Alkafri - Escape into a New Future

2019-11-26 The Syrian is studying at the Professional School for a Masters degree in "Competition and Regulation". The part-time Masters is designed to give him a new start in his career.

Ayham Alkafri worked successfully in Damascus as a commercial lawyer, i.e. representing the largest chocolate manufacturer in the Middle East in trademark litigation. Then came the war: "I had to leave the country." His parents are still in Syria. His father has a large law firm and specializes in criminal law. "I had a good life in Syria until the war," reports Alkafri. He studied law at Damascus University and graduated with a Bachelor degree. During the two years of practical recognition, he first became involved with international law. "I can build on this in my studies at the Professional School," says the Syrian. He has been enrolled at Leuphana for a year now. "When I was learning about various universities, everyone said: 'Leuphana is a very good choice.'" Ayham Alkafri particularly appreciates learning in small groups and the discussion culture: "Students are taken very seriously with their arguments".

The 33-year-old lives with his wife, little daughter and his siblings in a house in Winsen. "My sister is a pharmacist. She helps me to finance my studies". In addition, savings are used for his further training: "I worked for in a warehouse for two years," he reports. Ayham Alkafri is just finishing his C1 German course. "I can communicate well, but would like to learn the language even better.“ He sees his multilingualism as a great advantage for the future. "Studying at Leuphana enables me to work in many countries.“ Competition law is becoming more and more relevant, especially in the context of globalisation. "There are companies in the Arab world that would like to expand into Europe. Without experts in international competition law, this is not possible."

Ayham Alkafri is now a recognised refugee. He is building up something new. Not everyone likes it: "Some people treat me with hostility because I'm a student," he says. The further degree should significantly improve his job chances on the job market. He is all the more pleased about the good contact with students and teachers during the presence phases at Leuphana: "At Leuphana I am treated very respectfully.“

Author: Marietta Hülsmann