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Lüneburg is host to the world: International Transdisciplinarity conference 2017

2017-09-04 Leading experts will meet this week at Leuphana for the International Transdisciplinarity Conference 2017. In the Central Building, more than 200 scientists, experts and visitors will exchange views on various forms of transdisciplinary research until Friday. The Forum For Young Researchers will also be held as part of the ITD. This should enable young scientists to network and exchange information with each other.

The ITD Conference 2017 has set itself the goal of illuminating the topic of transdisciplinarity from many different perspectives in order to contribute to the consolidation of this form of research. Interculturality provides the thematic focus of the conference. The participants will meet in an intercultural setting and deal with the different cultures of knowledge and understanding relevant for transdisciplinary research.

“A concrete example of transdisciplinary research is the ‘Zukunftsstadt (City of the future) Lüneburg 2030+’ project and the related issue of how we can make the city sustainable”, explains Natalie Schwarz from the Leuphana Methodology Centre, which is co-organising the event in the new Central Building. “In order to effectively address this broad range of topics, it is necessary to bring different players together into a network”. Only multilateral cooperation between the municipality, the University, the world of politics, of entrepreneurship, civil society and taking into account different perspectives, can we solve the question of the viability of Lüneburg’s future development. The path leading to concrete changes can be shortened if the urban community cooperates with scientists in research.

The 5-day ITD Conference includes workshops, discussions and lectures on transdisciplinary research and teaching. Numerous speakers come from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the USA, Australia and various European countries. Julie Thompson Klein from Wayne State University, a pioneer in research on inter- and transdisciplinarity, will be one of the guests. In addition, live connections to other conference venues (co-conferences) in Mexico, New Zealand, Chile and Uruguay, will enable the various communities of transdisciplinarity to meet. This will provide them with the opportunity to network and make the different perspectives of the topic visible: “At the conference, we will be able to discuss with participants of the co-conferences in Latin America, where a completely different tradition characterises transdisciplinary research than in Europe, which will be very exciting” adds Natalie Schwarz.

The ITD Conference 2017 will be hosted together with the td-net of the Swiss Academies of Sciences and Humanities. It is aimed at interested parties from science and practice alike. “Over the past few years, the conference has taken place in Switzerland”, Schwarz explains. The fact that, this year, it is Lüneburg University which is for the first time organising the conference is thanks to Ulli Vilsmaier's commitment. The Leuphana junior professor for transdisciplinary methods paved the way for cooperation with the Swiss and the Central Building was a convincing venue.

The complete programme can be found here. University members enjoy rates reduced by 50%

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