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Digital School starts online course with 17,000 members

02/26/2015 Leuphana Digital School has developed an online course in cultural management in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut. “Managing the Arts: Marketing for Cultural Organizations” began on 19 February 2015 with 17,000 members from 170 countries, and the course lasts 14 weeks.

Leuphana Digital School and the Goethe-Institut developed an online course that implements peer learning together with digital learning. Thanks to the partnerships with cultural institutions in Bangkok, Berlin, Budapest and Lagos that the Goethe-Institut was able to acquire, the course also meshes together online and offline networking. Videos filmed on location show the work of these institutions. The course participants then learn what cultural management means in various social and political contexts.

The course implements the idea of learning as an exchange. The platform organizes members like a social network, giving them the opportunity to discuss the course materials in the forum and via a comment system. 800 of the course participants also work together on consecutive case scenarios in teams of five. To do this, they use a digital work space inside the course platform. After each assignment, the teams receive feedback from the learning community and an evaluation from one of the seven mentors, who supervise the course.

The 800 Participants were chosen via a lottery. Those interested can still register as “Supporter.” Supporters have access to all course materials and can take part in discussions as well as provide the teams with feedback.

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