Peer Tutor Training

The Schreibzentrum / Writing Center offers a certified peer tutor training. 


The next peer tu­tor trai­ning starts on 7 Oc­to­ber 2019. The basic modules will be completed during the week of 7–11 October 2019, daily 9.30 a.m. – 4.30 p.m., room C5.122.
There are only a few places left! Register via myStudy – or to register, please send an email – including your matriculation number – to

Peer Tutors or writing consultants accompany writers in the process of text production with the aim of helping writers to become aware of their writing process. As a course participant, you will be introduced to the topic of writing as a process, learn what entails scientific writing, and how you can constructively support other students in improving their text competence.

For whom is the peer tutor training suitable?

The training is suitable for all students who are interested in writing, language and reflection of both. Reflection is an essential part of the training, since writing and text competence can only be acquired through a conscious examination of the process and the linguistic means. At the same time, you will be sensitized to cultural-, discipline- and text-specific influences which will affect your own writing behavior.

The training contrasts the two languages, German and English, and takes into consideration the individual linguistic resources that the participants bring to the course. The course will be held in German and/or English.


Reports from students

The description of the training on this website is only one part - the other part is the experience of the peer tutors themselves. In their reports, students explain why they became peer tutors and how their work benefits them...