Doctoral supervision places and scholarships

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Doctoral Supervision Places and Scholarships in the Doctoral Programme Entrepreneurship, Management and Innovation

Interested in a PhD in a lively and internationally renowned group of management and psychology researchers? Come and join us!

The Doctoral School Entrepreneurship, Management & Innovation (EMI) is a group of management and psychology researchers with an international reputation for research in areas such as corporate and professional entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship training, negotiation in the context of entrepreneurship and management, occupational and health psychology, strategy as process and practice, time and temporality, space and organisational communication. In addition to publications in leading journals such as the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Management Studies, Organization Studies, and Strategic Management Journal, EMI members are co-editors and members of editorial boards of top journals in their fields and continuously strive for impact within and beyond academic communities.

Our doctoral programme is aimed at future scholars in the fields of entrepreneurship, management and innovation. Our goal is to train doctoral students for research positions at leading universities or for research-related careers in consulting firms, governments or industry. You will receive training at the forefront of current research on entrepreneurship, management and innovation in our doctoral programme and develop a strong knowledge base in your respective research area. You will acquire skills to further develop theories, design scientifically sound research designs and publish your research results in renowned international journals. As a doctoral student, you will learn the necessary tools to contribute to debates in your research field as an independent scholar.

    Current Call

    The EMI Group welcomes applications for up to ten PhD supervision positions in Management and Psychology. The top two applicants with outstanding qualifications will be offered a PhD scholarship, one in Management and one in Psychology. The deadline for applications is 15 August 2022. Find out more about the two PhD scholarships here.

    The call for applications is aimed at outstandingly qualified applicants from the above-mentioned or closely related subject areas, such as organisation, strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship. Applicants are expected to carry out an empirical dissertation project in one of the above-mentioned subject areas at Leuphana University of Lüneburg, which feeds into the profile topics of "entrepreneurship", "digital transformation" and/or "responsible and sustainable management" of the Faculty of Management and Technology. In addition, continuous and active participation in the EMI study programme and research colloquia is associated with doctoral supervision in the EMI College. The dissertation should be designed as a cumulative group of co-authored essays; a monographic dissertation is also possible. The dissertation project should be written in English and should build on and extend current international debates in the fields of management or psychology. Among other things, successful completion of the dissertation project requires interest in and enjoyment of empirical and theoretical work and scientific writing, the ability and willingness to independently develop and elaborate one's own research project, willingness to discuss preliminary results at relevant national and international professional conferences and workshops, as well as the ability to work in a team and a self-image as part of a mutually supportive research community.

    In the field of management, applicants are expected to conduct their dissertation project using qualitative research methods and to be interested in contributing to broader theoretical debates in management research such as "strategy as process and practice", organisational identity, paradoxes, time and temporality, space, new forms of organising and "organisation as communication".

    In the field of psychology, applicants are expected to be interested in contributing to broader theoretical debates in work, organisational and business psychology as well as organisational behaviour and to conduct the dissertation project using quantitative research methods or mixed methods.

    The following opportunities are offered through doctoral supervision in the EMI College:

    A supervision place at EMI opens up the following opportunities:

    • A lively, research-active, and supportive environment
    • Inclusion of awardees with a management focus in the Leuphana Organization Studies Group (LOST), and awardees with a psychology focus in the Center for Evidence-based Entrepreneurship Development (CEED)
    • Workshops, seminars, summer and winter schools, and colloquia that advance methodological and writing skills, foster exchanges among PhD students, and continually generate feedback on PhD projects
    • Active supervision by experts from the field
    • Financial support by the Qualification Fund of Leuphana Graduate School for attending scholarly conferences, summer schools, short-term research stays, and workshops

    In addition to the expectations raised above, applicants are required to meet the following preconditions and qualifications:

    • Proven qualification for doctoral studies in one of the given areas: An above-average Master degree (or close to completion, at the latest by November 2022) in management, psychology, or related areas, as well as a Bachelor degree, both according to the Bologna process (Master: two years, 120 ECTS; Bachelor: three years, 180 ECTS) or an equivalent qualification
    • Initial skills in quantitative research methods or mixed methods (for the PhD scholarship in psychology) or qualitative research methods (for the PhD scholarship in management), typically acquired in prior Bachelor and Master studies
    • Lingua franca: Ability to actively participate in English-speaking debates, reading groups, workshops, seminars, and research projects at business level

    For content-related questions on the PhD supervision places and scholarships, please contact Prof. Dr. Matthias Wenzel (

    Please submit your application in English and via email in one merged PDF file including

    • A motivation letter, including an indication whether you apply for a supervision place in the area of management or psychology, and which EMI member you find suitable for supervising your PhD project
    • A description (max. five pages excluding references) of the proposed PhD project, including a working title, a brief explanation of the aims and key questions of the project as well as their relevance, the positioning of the project in fields relevant to management or psychology as well as the gaps and challenges therein that are to be addressed, a description of the planned methodological approach as well as the project’s potential theoretical contributions, and a brief overview of the workplan
    • Your CV, including an overview of prior studies and potential research activities
    • Diplomas (English or German, legally attested translations in the case of other languages)
    • A transcript of records (English or German, legally attested translations in the case of other languages) that lists the courses and seminars attended in one’s master studies, unless indicated in the diplomas
    • Relevant employer’s references or employment contracts (e.g., for scientific activities)
    • Proof of English-language proficiency, typically language certificates or the successful completion of courses and seminars in English

    Contact and Application

    For questions regarding the content of the PhD supervision places and scholarships, please contact Prof. Dr. Matthias Wenzel (

    Please send your application in English and by e-mail as a PDF document with the subject "PhD at the School of Management & Technology" to:

    Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
    Universitätsallee 1
    21335 Lüneburg