Doctoral Research Group Sociology & Cultural Organisation

Sociology and social sciences relating to cultural theory influence this doctoral research group Sociology and Cultural Organisation. The doctoral research group is handling and mentoring doctoral projects in this field of study. Its common feature is the sociological analysis of empirical culture phenomena and culture-theoretical questions. Inter- and transdisciplinary perspectives are constantly added here. Empirically, the focus is on qualitative methods of participatory observation, interviewing; textual, visual and data-based analysis as well as mixed-methods and performative methods.

The doctoral research group is cooperating with the research training group Cultures of Critique especially on the topic of social criticism. Another cooperation exists with the Centre for Digital Cultures (CDC) concerning the study of sociality shaped by media-technique and the structure of media-technical apparatus.

The doctoral research group is organizing colloquia every semester where ongoing projects are presented. Guests are welcome to attend. Additionally, doctoral candidates have the possibility to participate in a methods colloquium and further classes, which are recognized within the framework of the doctoral courses.

Areas of Research

  •  cultural sociological theory
  •  sociology of law and crime
  •  political sociology          
  •  social movement research
  •  sociology of the arts and cultural fields
  •  urban and spatial sociology, cultural organization and the city
  •  migration research
  •  critical racism research
  •  sociology of organization, organization studies
  •  art organization, organizational art (esp. theatre, literature, visual arts, museums)
  •  digital cultures
  •  political economy

Doctoral degree

The respective faculty confers the doctoral degree Dr. phil.


  • Prof. Dr. Timon Beyes