Doctoral Research Group Urban and Cultural Area Research

As the oldest expression of culture in the world, architecture occupies a decisive position in our society. According to the German Federal Foundation for Building Culture, building culture means responsibly shaping our environment. Essential topics that will be discussed in this context include: urban space design and amenity value, building design and artistic expression, international cultural relations and international and cross-cultural studies, spatial perception and representation of space, and social responsibility for building culture.

The culture of a given space is characterized, on the one hand by natural factors and, on the other by human activity. The cultural sciences analyze the functional intersection of mutual influential factors as they impact space, and the cultural shaping of that space that results. From this geographical perspective, cultural landscape research also has an historical-geographical aspect. Urban spaces with urban geographic issues are addressed not only from an historical perspective. Emphasis is also placed on geographic traffic research and the examination of economic geography issues.

Areas of Research

Building culture

  • Sustainable settlement patterns (international)
  • Participation in construction planning processes
  • Digital media in urban space

Cultural spaces

  • Transportation geography
  • Economic geography
  • Urban geography
  • (Historical) cultural landscape research


  • Travel / holidays as a leisure activity and appropriation of space
  • Leisure as late modern phenomenon
  • Touristification of spaces
  • Control of tourism areas
  • Travel behavior and safety
  • Tourism marketing/management
  • Wasting Space

Doctoral degree

The respective faculty confers the doctoral degree Dr. phil.

Doctoral Candidates and their Topics

Alexander Jan Albrecht

Digital Media Supported Intercultural Interaction as a Means of Networking and Transforming Spa-tially Separated Communities and Places.


Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ursula Kirschner

Yousef Alsaad

The Influence of NGO ́s on Sustainable Tourism Development. A Case Study: Petra, Jordan.


Dipl.-Ing. Helal Alwaz

Establishing New Government Norms Concerning New Urban Plans Replacing the Traditional Settle-ments in Damascus.


Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ursula Kirschner

Timo Lüdeke-Dalinghaus

Travel Times in Urban Traffic Potential and competitiveness of bike and pedelec use in inner-city transportation – An investigation on the basis of experimental speed proportion.


Supervisor: Apl. Prof. Dr. Peter Pez

Dipl.-Ing. Sophie Naue

Between Transformation and Stagnation - Urban Practice and Methods of Appropriating Space During the Process of Urbanization in the Villa 31 in Buenos Aires.


Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ursula Kirschner

Tanja Peickert

Topic: Breaking down Old-fashioned Structures – Network Capabilities for Equal Civic Participation in Hamburg. A research project based on a typical example in Altona.


Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ursula Kirschner

Antje Seidel

Topic: Of Clay and Brickwork[s] – The Construction of Red-brick Lüneburg.


Supervisor: Apl. Prof. Dr. Martin Pries 

Janina Welsch

Travel Socialization and Key Events in Mobility Biography: Influences on the Travel Behavior of People of Different Origins.


Supervisor: Apl. Prof. Dr. Peter Pez

Members of the Doctoral Research Group


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ursula Kirschner
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21335 Lüneburg
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