Doctorates at Leuphana

Doctoral candidates at Leuphana Graduate School engage intensively and above all interactively with science, research and their community of fellow doctoral students, post-doc students, professors and partners from practice in Germany and beyond. We offer doctoral candidates from all over the world the opportunity to work and research in a vibrant, interdisciplinary environment. Comprehensive funding is available to give the next generation of researchers, scientists and academics wide-ranging national and internal research experience.

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In partnership with the four faculties of the University, Leuphana Graduate School offers a range of instruments developed on the basis of national and international recommendations from leading academic, scientific and research organisation. We bring together related doctoral projects in doctoral research groups to ensure that doctoral candidates are part of a community and can engage in permanent exchange: a scientific community and progress through interaction instead of isolation and working away on your own.

In-depth exchange and new findings are also promoted by the seminars and workshops in the doctoral programmes, which offer exciting content for all doctoral students at Leuphana and broaden academic and research horizons. Two other elements, the research fund (NWF) and the qualification programme GradSkills, give doctoral candidates the chance to develop their profile as researchers and their qualifications for business and society systematically. A professional consultant and qualified career coach helps doctoral candidates at the Graduate School in this process.

We are also happy to provide advice on the first steps on the road to a doctorate. Information on the choice of topic, exposé, contacting possible supervisors and much more can be found under Applications.

Masters students at the Graduate School have the chance to start going down the doctoral route even before they complete their Masters with the Doctoral Track.

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