Qualification Fund

Funding opportunities for doctoral students

Doctoral students at Leuphana University of Lüneburg can apply for funding from the the Qualification Fund (so far so-called Nachwuchsfoerderfonds - NWF) for training courses and other development measures. The total amount of funding per year can be up to 2,600 euros per person.

The basic condition for funding is that the applicant has been admitted to a doctorate at Leuphana at the time of the funding measure in question. Further criteria and more information can be found in the funding guidelines and the relevant application form.

+++ Please note the following information. +++

For the actual funding of a qualification measure from the Qualification Fund, the regulations on business trips during the Corona pandemic valid at Leuphana University Lüneburg at the time of the measure apply.

We thank you for your understanding and stay healthy!

CategorySponsorship MeasureFunding AmountApplication Form

Presenting and networking

Active participation in conferencesGermany: up to EUR 600
Europe: up to EUR 800
International: up to EUR 1,300

Application [pdf]

Presenting and networking

Participation in conferencesUp to EUR 400Application [pdf]

Educating and networking

Participation in Summer / Fall / Winter / Spring SchoolsGen. 50% of the costs, up to EUR 1,000Application [pdf]

Researching and networking

Short-term research trips abroadUsually only travel expenses, up to EUR 1,000Application [pdf]

Application deadlines

January 15, 12 o’clock
May 15, 12 o’clock

September 15, 12 o’clock

Should the 15th be a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the period ends at the next working day by 12 o’clock.

Please note:
The application for financial support must have been received by the Graduate School, before you take part at the respective qualification measure!

Due to the current situation it is not possible to submit applications in person! Therefore, please send your application by (internal) mail as usual.

Please note additionaly:
In accordance with the Funding Regulations  - cf. letters b) and c) -, an application submitted by email can only be considered to be on time if it is submitted in complete form and before the project / the measure (e.g. participating at a conference) has started and has arrived in paper form no later than two days following the end of the appropriate round of funding

Contact Qualification Fund

Graduate School
Qualification Fund
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21335 Lüneburg
Fon +49.4131.677- 2402