Information, Attachments and Forms

On this page you will find information relevant to examinations with the associated regulations and subject-specific annexes. From the current examination dates to the certification of examination results, explanations, forms, information sheets and links are stored here.

The staff of the Examination Administration will be happy to inform and advise you on all questions regarding examinations. You can find the contact person for your degree programme here.

Examiations in times of Corona Crises

In the course of the current Corona crisis and the resulting changes in the general conditions for studying and teaching, all Leuphana staff members are continuing to work at full speed to ensure that teaching and examinations continue in the best possible way, thus avoiding delays in studies and graduation.

Current information on teaching and examinations as well as on measures and prevention with regard to the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus and corresponding counselling services can be found on this page as well as on the Leuphana Portal Corona Virus.

Current written examination dates


Examinations in presence

The exam dates and the corresponding rooms / collection points have been entered into myStudy. Due to the distance regulations, many exams have to take place simultaneously in several rooms. In these cases, rooms are allocated immediately before the exam. Depending on the location, rooms are assigned as follows:

  • For examinations for which several examination rooms on campus (Universitätsallee 1) are named, the rooms are assigned in the rear part of the refectory. Please arrive there at least 60 minutesbeforethe start of the examination.
  • For exams with more than one exam room in the Red Field (Wilschenbrucher Weg 84), the rooms in the old dining hall (Room 055a in Wilschenbrucher Weg 84) will be assigned. Please be there at least 45 minutes before the start of the exam.

If only one room is mentioned in MyStudy, this is the examination room to which you can go directly; in this case you do not have to plan for a time buffer for room allocation and visiting the examination location.

Due to the predominantly low 7-day incidences in Germany at present, there is no obligation to be tested before taking part in attendance examinations. However, for the protection of the participants, we ask all those who do not have complete protection due to vaccination or recovery to be tested within 24 hours before the start of the examination. Test centres are available for this purpose in building C12 and in the city area.

Notes on conducting examinations in presence

Instructions for students on how to conduct classroom exams

General examinations regulations

The General Examination Regulations determine the general conditions for the examinations. They are legally binding and regulate the curriculum, the admission requirements, the recognition of work, the assessment process, assessment dates and registration deadlines, the missing of assessment dates and withdrawal from assessments, fraud in assessments as well as grading, resit options and much more.

The Gazette

New announcements, changes and amendments become legally binding when they are announced in the official journal ("Gazette") of Leuphana University. Gazette

Recognition of external assessments

Assessments that were performed at other universities in Germany or abroad are recognised upon fulfilment of the corresponding requirements of the General Examination Regulations.

Important: work to be recognised must not be older than 10 years old.

Recognitions from Germany:
Please submit the application for recognition (german) together with the original copy of the corresponding performance record (e.g. transcript of records) as well as the relevant information on the content of the assessment (e.g. module description) to Student Services.

Recognitions from abroad:
Before your period abroad, you conclude a Learning Agreement so that the assessments sat by you abroad are recognised for your degree at Leuphana University without any problems. After your stay abroad, you submit the Learning Agreement together with the transcript of records about the work performed at the host university to Student Services.

To convert grades from an incomparable linear grade system, please use this grade converter.

To convert the grades of assessments with other incomparable grade systems that were acquired within student exchange or student mobility programmes by sample students of all degree programmes, please use these links grade conversion table Leuphana Masters (german) and grade conversion table teacher education (german).

In the case of other, incomparable grade systems, the assessment to be recognised is assumed ungraded with the remark "passed".

Grade certificates

For data protection reasons, it is not permitted to communicate grades by e-mail. From a technical perspective, e-mails can be read like postcards. Additionally, it is possible that someone could demand results under a false name. If, nevertheless, you would like to receive assessment results or grade certificates (transcript of records) by e-mail, please submit the following form, signed, in the Student Services info portal.

Registration for Masters dissertation

Generally, the Masters dissertation is written at the end of the degree programme. You establish the topic of the thesis in collaboration with your first examiner.

To register for the assessment, please complete the application form and submit the original version of it to Student Services. You should keep a printed-out copy of the application for your records.

For the dissertation, you must look for two reviewers independently.

Before submitting your application to Student Services, please make sure of whether the persons desired by you are authorised to sit assessments in the processing period planned by you.

Missing assessment dates, withdrawal and illness

When you submit an assessment registration via QIS, you assume an obligation to participate in the assessment(s) in question. If you are prevented from fulfilling your assessment obligation, you must communicate this to Student Services without delay.

If you have not communicated your withdrawal or your missing of the assessment date immediately, i.e. "without undue delay", or if your reasons are not recognised, the assessment in question shall be deemed "insufficient"!

The relevant General Examination Regulations form the legal basis for these regulations.

In the event of illness
If, due to illness, you are unable to participate in an assessment or are unable to comply with a delivery deadline, you must submit a medical certificate in the original to Student Services immediately after establishing the illness. The certificate must make clear your inability to sit the assessment; therefore, please have your doctor complete the form provided (a normal "certificate of disability" is not sufficient).

Persons authorised to sit assessments

In the course of the degree programme, there are two types of assessments.
Performance tests from the programme models are sat as part of the classes of the module coordinator.

For the Masters dissertation, you must look for two reviewers independently.

Before applying for the Masters dissertation, please make sure of whether the persons desired by you are authorised to sit assessments in the processing period planned by you.

Registering for exams

The registration period shall commence on the first day of the semester and end on 15 November for the winter semester and on 15 May for the summer semester. You can withdraw from an assessment via QIS without stating reasons up to 5 working days before the assessment date or assessment phase.

The sole exception is the assessment form combined assessment. Here, the above-mentioned withdrawal without stating reasons can be ruled out. This is made known when the course directory is issued in myStudy. At all events, be sure to print out a PDF file for yourself with your registrations. Should a registration fail to work, please ensure that you contact your competent administrator at assessment administration within the registration period.

Assessment registration: QIS

Subject-Specific Schedules

The subject-specific schedules are part of the General Examination Regulations and contain the subject-specific curriculum. In them, the modules to be performed and their content, the class forms, the type and number of assessments and the credit points to be acquired of all Masters programmes are regulated in detail and in legally binding fashion.

Subject-specific schedules (german)