Studying and living


The city of Lüneburg impresses with a student flair and a wide range of leisure and cultural activities. Whether theatre, cinemas, the lunatic Festival on campus, exhibitions in the museums or galleries, there is hardly a wish left unfulfilled. Lüneburg, situated between the Elbe and the Heath, offers many worthwhile excursion destinations. And in the thousand-year-old salt city, the spectrum of leisure activities ranges from the Lüneburg Salt Spa to numerous pubs and restaurants in the old town. Another great advantage of student life in Lüneburg is that everything is close together: the university, the city centre with its numerous leisure activities, the inviting spa gardens, shopping facilities and student halls of residence. At the same time, major cities such as Hamburg or Hanover can be reached by train in next no time.

There and away - Transportation

Lüneburg invites you to cycle: All districts are no more than 5 km from the city centre, cycle paths and secure bicycle parking are well developed and the city centre is traffic-calmed. However, for those who want to go beyond the city limits without their own car and public transport, carpooling and carsharing are recommended.

In the corridor of the Mensa on campus, there is also the analogue AStA car-sharing board, where car-sharing requests and offers can be exchanged throughout the Germany and beyond.

Tour of Campus

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Vanessa guides us around the campus. Meanwhile, the central building has been in use for a long time and campus life is as lively as ever.

Student Engagement

The University welcomes all those who actively contribute to the academic community, make their talents available and also get involved socially ­­– because this involvement is exactly what makes a lively university. There are plenty of opportunities for this in Lüneburg: as a tutor, for example, you can pass on your enthusiasm for certain academic questions to others in the teaching department. And in the university political committees, you can help shaping the university yourself. The numerous student initiatives and projects offer the opportunity to get involved in very different areas: Be it with the campus newspaper Univativ, in work with international students, in a social project of the university congregations or even in subject-specific projects. If you have a musical streak, you are welcome in the big band or the university choir. The AStA also offers opportunities to get involved in culture and university politics: you can join the theatre group, show your favourite films at the university cinema, produce your own radio programme in the radio department or plan and organise cultural events in the cultural department.
Which projects you want to throw yourself into alongside your studies is entirely up to you. One thing is certain: a whole range of institutions at Leuphana are happy to welcome new participants who have good ideas and bring a breath of fresh air.