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programme structure

In addition to imparting research methods, in the first semester you will be given an introduction to external accounting (Accounting I) and corporate financing (Integrated Corporate Finance). You can focus on a banking-specific emphasis (banking system and banking transactions) or expand your accounting knowledge (Accounting II).

Well qualified students may link their masters studies and a doctorate:
The Doctoral Track enables students admission to study for a doctorate during their masters studies.

In the second semester you will complete a teaching & research project in finance & accounting by consistently using the research methods and subject-specific contents covered in the programme. Auditing as well as financancial management (Strategic Management) is on the agenda. Either the bank-specific emphasis (overall bank management) or accounting-specific knowledge with regard to business taxation (Tax) can be broadened in an elective module.

Specific research and application issues from the fields of finance & accounting will be addressed in seminars during the third semester. In addition to three compulsory modules in the fields of behavioural finance & accounting, business valuation and sustainable corporate governance (Managing Stakeholer Relations), current topics from the fields of finance & accounting are focused.

A stay abroad is possible as an alternative in the third semester. You will find all other information about this on the pages of the International Office.

The course of studies is complemented on the one hand by management studies which overarch the major programme, in which students expand their expertise in the field of management knowledge, and on the other hand by complementary studies which overarch the Masters degree programme, in which a broad-based academic foundation enabling reflection on science will be imparted.

The final semester is reserved for preparing the Masters dissertation. In this regard you will be accompanied by a Masters Forum that offers you the opportunity to critically scrutinise your own approaches and to hold intensive discussions with fellow students and teachers.


The course of studies prepares students for taking over managerial functions requiring analytical and conceptual as well as consulting and strategic skills in corporate financing and accounting departments as well as certain institutions (financial institutions as well as auditing and consulting companies). A broad spectrum of applications is open to graduates: in specialised functions such as corporate finance or in staff functions in the field of financial management in corporate headquarters. In addition, professional activities requiring similar skills can be found in all larger corporate consultancies and in areas of large auditing companies requiring consulting skills. Students will find outstanding entry opportunities in diverse service lines among auditing companies for subsequent further qualification as an auditor.

In addition to practical application, further academic qualification by means of a doctorate is also open to graduates as a result of the methodological training.

Numerous relevant research projects regarding the contents of the Masters programme are conducted by the chairs of the Institute of Banking, Finance and Accounting (IBFR) involved in the degree programme. Particularly qualified students already have the opportunity from the first semester of the Masters programme to complete modules of the doctoral programme with the doctoral track.

Previous knowledge and application

For a good entry into the Management & Finance & Accounting degree programme it is useful and desirable that you have placed an emphasis in the fields of accounting or financing as far as possible in the Bachelor’s programme. You should at least bring along good analytical skills and a pronounced enthusiasm for figures. You will require a capacity for teamwork in order to be successful in the numerous teamwork sessions. It is also helpful if you have already gained initial professional experiences through a commercial apprenticeship, internships or student trainee activity in the field of financing, accounting or in similar specialised fields.

You will find detailed information regarding the entrance criteria and admission requirements on the application page.

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