Financial Support For Postdocs

Junior Research Fund

In addition to financing through postdoctoral fellowships, postdoctoral young scientists have the opportunity to receive financial support for funding measures as part of their qualification under certain conditions. For this, resources from the Junior Research Fund, the so-cal­led Nach­wuchs­fo­er­der­fonds (NWF), are available.

The following overview shows the essential elements of the different financial aid measures for postdocs.

+++ Please note the following current information. +++

Due to current travel restrictions caused by the coronavirus the following applies to currently incoming applications for funding for a qualification measure from the Junior Researcher Fund:

  • Funding of travel and accommodation costs within the framework of a qualification measure is not possible for the time being.
  • The date from which funding of these costs will be possible again depends on further developments regarding the travel restrictions imposed by the university.
  • Participation fees are only eligible if the measure to be funded is offered in virtual/digital form.

We thank you for your understanding and stay healthy!

CategorySponsorship MeasureFunding AmountApplication Forms
Presenting and networkingActive participation in conferences

Germany: up to EUR 600

Europe: up to EUR 800

International: up to EUR 1,300

Application [pdf]
Presenting and networkingParticipation in a Summer / Autumn / Winter / Spring SchoolsGen. 50% of the costs, up to EUR 1,000Application [pdf]
Researching and networkingShort-term research tripsUsually only travel expenses, up to EUR 1,000Application [pdf]
Researching and networking "at home"Organization of conferences at LeuphanaUp to EUR 2,000Application [pdf]


Next Application

January 15, 12 o’clock
May 15, 12 o’clock

September 15, 12 o’clock

Should the 15th be a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the period ends at the next working day by 12 o’clock.

Attention: The application for financial support must have been received by the Graduate School, before you take part at the respective qualification measure!

Please note:
Due to the current situation it is not possible to submit applications in person!


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