Lectureship at the Graduate School

You are interested in working as a lecturer in the Master's Complementary Studies or have already accepted a teaching position? You are responsible to organise courses and would like to apply for a lectureship?

In the following, you will find information and forms for applying for, issuing, and carrying out a teaching position in the Master's Complementary Studies.

Organisation of Lectureships

  • Requesting a Teaching Position
  • Accepting a Teaching Position
  • Settling a Lectureship
  • Preparing and Designing a Lectureship

Organisation of Lectureships

Requesting a Teaching Position

A teaching position can be assigned to external persons as well as to full-time employees of Leuphana under certain circumstances. Please note the personnel regulations:

  • Teaching positions cannot be given to full-time professors of Leuphana University.
  • Leuphana's academic staff may only be given teaching positions as part-time jobs. The workload of the lectureship should not take up more than a quarter of the normal working time, i.e. may not exceed 4 SWS.
  • The maximum working time for lecturers is 4 SWS per semester at Leuphana University.

Further information can be found on the intranet on the Human Resources pages. If you have any questions, please contact the staff in the Human Resources Service directly.

Teaching positions are requested at the responsible faculty by the coordinator of the study programme or module. The application for teaching positions usually happens parallel to the course planning for the respective semester. The relevant forms will be sent in an email newsletter each semester. The Human Resources Department grants the teaching positions following the decision of the committee in the faculty or the Graduate School.

Teaching in the interdisciplinary programmes of the Master's Complementary Studies is coordinated by the Graduate School. For questions regarding the planning of teaching for the Professional School's advanced training and part-time programmes, please contact the respective coordinators.


Accepting a Teaching Position

Approved teaching assignments are issued centrally via the Human Resources Department before the start of the lecture period. For that, Leuphana University requires the following documents from all new lecturers and all lecturers with changed personal data:

  • the completed staff questionnaire (see downloads),
  • copies of the qualification certificates (e.g. diploma or master's degree certificate, doctorate or habilitation certificate),
  • list of publications,
  • a curriculum vitae in table form,
  • proof of pedagogical qualification (e.g. list of previous teaching assignments), if not evident from the other documents.

Please send these documents to your contact person in the study programme. This is usually the module coordinator, the Graduate School Coordinator, or the HR Service.

Settling a Lectureship

Together with the letter "Issuing your teaching position" (Lehrauftrag), you will receive a "Service Statement" (Dienstliche Erklärung) from the Human Resources Service. Please submit this at the end of the lectureship or at the end of the semester at the latest.

If you have been promised compensation for expenses in this letter, please submit the travel expense claim together with the original receipts at the end of the lectureship or the latest at the end of the semester.

Please note: Travel expenses will only be paid for second class or economy class. Taxi costs and journeys with your car require a brief written justification as to why public transport was not used. In the case of car use, please attach the route.

Preparing and Designing a Lectureship

Below you will find further information on how to design a seminar or workshop in the Master Complementary Studies.

  • Participants are students from all of the Master's programmes at Leuphana University (except for teachers training and double degree/joint degree programmes).
  • The seminar size is 25-30 students (the number may vary depending on the registrations).
  • The seminar content should be designed without prerequisites to be accessible for students of different Master's programmes.
  • Usually, seminars take place on a weekly basis, but block seminars are also possible.
  • To avoid overlaps with the Master's programmes Wednesday or Friday mornings are reserved for complementary studies.
  • the Seminar times are 8.15-9.45, 10.15-11.45, and 12.15-13.45. Seminar slots without the academic quarter are also possible.
  • Seminars take place in person or alternatively: online, hybrid, or combined (depending on the decisions of Leuphana University).

Each module is embedded by two lectures of the module coordinator (usually the first and the last date of the semester are scheduled for these events). The seminar, therefore, consists of 24 teaching units (instead of usually 28).

The examination in the module has to be formally examined in the same way for all seminars. It is a combined scientific assessment with an oral and a written examination element. Suggestions and proposals for the design of both examination elements can be found below under Forms & Downloads. The oral part is usually taken during the seminar while the written part is submitted after the seminar.

Submission and revision deadlines for the examination elements are uniform for all seminars in the Master Complementary Studies. There are two submission deadlines between which the students can choose for submitting the written examination element: In the winter semester these are 01 March and 31 May, in the summer semester 15 September and 15 December. The revision period is four weeks in each case. It is possible to retake the examination. The students upload the written elements to a myStudy folder called "Assignments" (under the tab "Material"). The folder is set up by us and can only be viewed by teachers (students only have upload rights).

More information on examinations can be found in the brochure on the organisation of examinations (in the dowload section).

The main learning platform and organisational tool of Leuphana University is myStudy. Among other things, it is used for organising the registration and administration of participants, seminar times, and central allocation of seminar rooms. You can access the system here. Please set up your account - you can find out how to do it here and in the userguide.

Once you have set up your account, please sign up for the newsletter for teaching staff on myStudy to keep up to date with new regulations.

For online teaching, you can set up Moodle and Zoom in myStudy. You can find more information on tools & support for teaching on the Teaching Service pages. Information on the use of Wi-Fi and general IT support is provided by the IT service. If you need additional devices for teaching, you can lend them from the media and information centre (MIZ).

Please register your seminar for course evaluation on myStudy. You will find instructions on the website of the Quality Development.

A summary of all topics related to teaching in the complementary studies can be found under Forms & Downloads.

Call for Applications for Interdisciplinary Teaching

  • Teaching in the Interdisciplinary Programme
  • Winter Semester 2021_2022
  • Dates Complementary Studies
  • Call for Applications & Submissions of Teaching Offers

Call for Applications for Interdisciplinary Teaching

Teaching in the Interdisciplinary Programme

For the teaching programme in the interdisciplinary modules of the Master's Complementary Studies, both full-time lecturers and external lecturers are invited to submit course concepts. More information on the modules can be found on the page of the study model.

Winter Semester 2021_2022

1 October 2021

Start of Semester

31 March 2022

End of Semester

18 October to 14 February 2022Lecture Period


Dates Complementary Studies

25 October 2021 to 28 January 2022

Lecture Period Complementary Studies Winter Semester 2021_22

11 April 2022 to 1 July 2022Lecture Period Complementary Studies Summer Semester 2022

Call for Applications & Submissions of Teaching Offers

Each year the Graduate School invites applications for teaching positions in the interdisciplinary modules of the Complementary Studies programme. The call is addressed to potential lecturers and all full-time lecturers. Proposals for seminars in the summer semester (April-July) must be submitted by 15 November. Proposals for seminars in the winter semester (October-January) must be submitted by 15 May.

Submission of the Seminar offer

To submit a seminar offer, please use the syllabus template, which you can find under Forms & Downloads.

We can only consider fully completed forms. Please send the application forms via e-mail to the coordination of the complementary programme.

Gender-Diversity Certificate

Students can acquire a gender diversity certificate within the complementary studies programme. You can link your seminar to the certificate if the content fits the programme. Please find more information on the Gender Diversity Certificate on the website.

  • FAQs to Complementary Studies

Assignment of Teaching offer

After submitting the teaching applications, the suitability of the topics is reviewed by the Complementary Studies Team. After the module leaders and committees approve them, they are sent to the Senate. All lecturers receive feedback directly from the Complementary Studies Team.

If you receive approval for your teaching offer, the university requires various documents to be able to assign you a teaching contract. Please send the documents via e-mail or mail to the Coordination of Complementary Studies at the Graduate School.


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Forms & Downloads for Lecturers

  • Personal Information Sheet
  • Suggestions for Assignment Forms in Complementary Studies
  • Syllabus Form for Complementary Studies
  • Organisation of Exams at Leuphana
  • Travel Expenses Form for Lecturers
  • Travel expense legislation