10th Anniversary of Leuphana Graduate School – let’s celebrate!

Leuphana Graduate School celebrates its 10th anniversary during the academic year of 2018/19. A good moment to look back and reflect on its achievements – but, even more so, to look ahead: The school will host a wide range of academic and public events that run under the slogan The Future of Graduate Education. Together with national and international experts of higher education Leuphana Graduate School will have a look at current trends in Graduate Education and discuss some of the challenges that it has been facing lately.

10 Years of Graduate School, 10 Years of Scientific Discourse

The founding of Leuphana Graduate School in 2008 represented a novelty in the German academic landscape: to implement Master and Ph.D. programs in joint effort with the faculties has been the objective of Graduate Education at Leuphana University ever since.

Within the last ten years, Leuphana Graduate School has gone through a notable development. The number of Master programs has doubled, the number of enrolled students at Leuphana University has even tripled – both contributing to Leuphana’s campus life and its research and teaching activities. The development of Leuphana’s doctoral research groups is equally impressive: Today, 26 different doctoral research groups are – supported by their supervisors – engaged in interactive, interdisciplinary and innovative research projects. All in all, today close to  2,000 Master students and 600 doctoral students belong to the scientific community of the Leuphana Graduate School.

The development of innovative study programs beyond mainstream has been an essential claim of Leuphana University from the early start. With its conistently interdisciplinary study programs and its educational principle of research-based learning, Leuphana Graduate School addresses students and doctoral candidates who are not only interested in an excellent academic and professional qualification, but also attracted by the prospect of individual study profiles: students who are engaged in self-reflective, value-based learning, eager to grow professionally as well as personally. Leuphana Graduate School has set the benchmark in educational aspects with its Complementary Studies within its Master curriculum, a unique program in Germany, its doctoral track as well as its interdisciplinary doctoral research groups of the “Promotionskolleg“. At the same time, it offers its students an academically demanding as well as inspiring environment.

In order to maintain these standards and to evolve even further; Leuphana Graduate School has defined four strategic areas which will shape future guiding principles for the school’s development over the upcoming years:

  1. Internationalization of Graduate Education
  2. Digitalization of and, respectively within, Graduate Education
  3. Flexibility and Interdisciplinarity
  4. Dynamic Interaction between University, Society and the Economy

During the academic year of 2018/19, Leuphana Graduate School will discuss various measures and projects along with external experts within these strategic areas. Under the slogan The Future of Graduate Education the Graduate School is currently organizing a kick-off panel discussion, gallery talks and a conference in order to take a critical approach towards future projects and to engage with controversial questions regarding the development of graduate education.

Leuphana Graduate School invites students, doctoral candidates and all others who are interested in the topic to join our discussions and by doing so, take an active part in shaping Leuphana’s graduate education. The outcome of these debates will be a profit for both, future students and the Graduate School.