Sustainability Leadership Forum

Centre for Sustainability Management

The Sustainability Leadership Forum (SLF), initiated by the German Environmental Management Association (BAUM) and the Centre for Sustainability Management (CSM), is a working and discussion group for pioneers in sustainable corporate development. The mission of the forum is to maintain and enhance the leadership position of member companies in this area. In September 2010 the SLF was awarded as an UN Decade Project. 
Companies that are members of this exclusive group have already distinguished themselves for excellent environmental and sustainability management and are continuing to actively engage in developing corporate sustainability strategies. The Sustainability Leadership Forum is primarily about knowledge transfer and the working out of concrete solutions to problems by exchanging experiences – among academic researchers, business-people and government officials. There are three meetings per year, in which participants meet in small groups to discuss central issues, national and international trends and successful examples of the practice-oriented implementation of sustainability management. Current ideas and concepts of sustainable economies are also debated as to how their successful implementation can give companies new impulses and help them to set new standards. 

Participating companies currently include:

  • Aramark
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • dm-Drogeriemärkte
  • GIZ
  • Grohe
  • memo
  • Neumarkter Lammsbräu
  • Provinzial Versicherung 
  • Vaillant



Are you interested in taking part in the Sustainability Leadership Forum? Please contact us:

Auszeichnung als UN-Dekade-Projekt