Competition & Regulation

Designing the ratio of free competition and regulation is one of the civil society’s core challenges in the 21st century. While the competition- and anti-trust-law shall guarantee the market participants’ freedom and the consumers’ welfare, it is primarily the intervention of the state which promotes competition through regulation in specific areas. This leads to a shift of borders between “private” and “public” as well as to a movement of the borders between economics and law. Due to the complexity of the resulting questions no scientific discipline is able to provide useful solutions on their own.

Farewell of the International Economic Law Students to Glasgow

The first student group of the new LL.M. program International Economic Law was bid farewell to Glasgow after successfully finishing their first year in Lüneburg. The dual degree LLM program takes place in Lüneburg and Glasgow, whereby students spend the first study year in Germany and the second year in Scotland. The program aims to deliver a broad, scientific and profound engagement with the players and structures of international economic law within the first study year in Lüneburg and, as well as to facilitate an additional specialization in one of the core subjects of international economic law such as Corporate & Financial Law, International Commercial Law, International Competition Law & Policy or Intellectual Property & the Digital Economy within the second study year in Glasgow.
“I am highly satisfied with the start of the study program. I also consider the students to be very well prepared for their stay in Glasgow”, stated Prof. Dr. Jörg Philipp Terhechte, director of the study program in Lüneburg.

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