With our publications, we would like to address a broad audience. Thus, we aim at publishing our findings in different formats such as presentations at conferences and workshops with practitioners, and, of course, scientific journals.

Scientific publications target the international communities of sustainability science, transdisciplinarity and sustainability transitions are thus mostly published in English language. Among others, handbooks and brochures are intended for reaching a broader audience from practice and in society.

IETSR Discussion Papers in Transdisciplinary Sustainability Research

IETSR Discussion papers in Transdisciplinary Sustainability Research present first results of ongoing research at the professorship for transdisciplinary sustainability research at Leuphana University Lüneburg. Through this format we aim to facilitate a critical discussion and advance research on sustainability transformations.

The professorship acknowledges the scientific value and the quality of the publications, however it does not necessarily identify itself with their content.

01/2017 Real-world laboratories in the context of transformative research 

The discussion paper 01/2017 addresses the research approach of real-world laboratories and their role in the context of transformative sustainability research. 

Download issue 01/2017.

Schäpke, N., Stelzer, F., Bergmann, M., Singer-Brodowski, M., Wanner, M., Caniglia, G., Lang, D.J. (2017). Reallabore im Kontext transformativer Forschung. Ansatzpunkte zur Konzeption und Einbettung in den internationalen Forschungsstand. (No. 1/2017) Leuphana Universität Lüneburg, Institut für Ethik und Transdisziplinäre Nachhaltigkeitsforschung.