At the professorship, we offer courses in the Bachelor and Master programmes in Environmental and Sustainability Science as well as in the complementary and minor courses in Leuphana's study model. Teaching is thematically and methodically embedded in current research. Students are offered the opportunity to immerse themselves in real research and strive for achieving real impact with their work. Our educational vision is to help students to acquire capacities to become influential change agents for sustainability in their later career. Our approach to teaching is interdisciplinary and competence-oriented. We often cooperate with other institutes and professorships across the university in spirit of lived interdisciplinarity. Research based learning is a core concept in most of the courses we provide. The concepts for competence and research-based learning are transferred into innovative learning and teaching environments where teachers contribute as mentors for the students. Together with actors from practise the self-organized projects and respective research questions and project goals aspire to contribute to the solution of local sustainability problems. 

We emphasize international cooperation in our GSS-Master.

We emphasize the cooperation with local actors, and civil engagement in the region though the project  Zukunftsstadt 2030.

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