Social and Political Psychology (SPP)

The Department of Social and Political Psychology and its affiliated Negotiation Research Group (NRG) deals with the empirical study of psychological processes in negotiations. The focus of the scientific work is on psychological processes that facilitate or hinder an integrative balance of interests between negotiating parties. In a large number of third-party funded research projects (e.g. DFG, EU-Fonds, Volkswagenstiftung), the experience and behaviour of people in socially relevant negotiation situations, such as in the context of economy, politics, work or the environment, is investigated together with international cooperation partners.

The department positions itself as an important player at the interface between science and practice. In addition to the establishment of a certificate course in "The Psychology of Negotiation", the research group regularly offers further education and training seminars in which scientifically sound knowledge on the subject of negotiation is conveyed in a practical and action-oriented manner.

In order to transfer scientific knowledge to the public and practice, the department regularly contributes to the social discourse, both through training and education offers and through public relations work (e.g. newspaper reports, radio reports and television interviews).