Logistics Matter: A Child and Youth-Driven Approach to Participatory Moments

Very often, our discussions about the participation of children and youth in care (looked after children and youth) unfolds at the macro and systemic levels; we want to design participatory systems. In reality, the best designs still result in moments of participation that are characterized by an adult and professional aesthetic. In this presentation, I make the case that the logistics of participatory moments (such as the Plan of Care meeting, case conferences, etc.) really matter and lend themselves to delegate ownership and control to young people.

Kiaras Gharabaghi is a Professor of Child & Youth Care and the Dean of the Faculty of Community Services at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. He spent over 20 years working as a child and youth care practitioner at all levels of organization in residential care and treatment facilities across Ontario and Nova Scotia, Canada. His recent book on residential services is called A Hard Place to Call Home: A Canadian perspective on Residential Care and Treatment for Children and Youth (Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press).